Maria Lazebnik

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Ph.D. Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science Brandeis University
  • M. S. Brandeis University

Teaching Interests

bioinformatics education, biotechnology in the classroom, neuroscience education, integration of science education and biotech industry, implementing multimedia technology in the classroom, making students more comfortable with interpreting popular science press releases as well as primary source journal articles

Research Interests

next generation sequencing technology, transcriptional regulation and gene expression, personalized medicine


Journal Articles

  • Lazebnik, M. B., Tussie-Luna, I. M., Hinds, P. W., Roy, A. L. (2009). Williams-Beuren syndrome-associated transcription factor TFII-I regulates osteogenic marker genes. J. Biol. Chem., (284) 52 36234-9. (Link)
  • Lazebnik, M. B., Tussie-Luna, I. M., Roy, A. L. (2008). Determination and functional analysis of the consensus binding site for TFII-I family member BEN, implicated in Williams-Beuren syndrome.. J. Biol. Chem., (283) 17 11078-82. (Link)
  • Desgranges, Z. P., Anh, J., Lazebnik, M. B., Lee, C., Pestell, R. C., Rosenberg, N., Prives, C., Roy, A. L. (2005). Inhibition of TFII-I-dependent cell cycle regulation by p53. Mol Cell Biol, (24) 10940-52. (Link)