Joni Seager

  • Professor, Global Studies
  • Dean Emerita, York University
  • Ph.D. Clark University
  • MA Clark University
  • BA Hons. University of Toronto

Teaching Interests

International Development;
Environmental Policy;
Global Regions;
Global Political Economy;
Feminist Ecology;
Gender & International Development

Research Interests

International Environmental Policy & Issues;
Global Status of Women;
Climate Change;
Global Political Economy;
Gender and Environment;
Militarism & Environment

Consulting/Practice Interests

Gender & Environment (esp climate change);
International Environmental Policy Formation;
Global Water & Sanitation Issues;
Gender equity measurement;
Gender mainstreaming;
Gender audits.


JONI SEAGER is a scholar and activist in feminist geography, global environmental policy including climate change, gender equity measurement and gender audits of institutions towards gender mainstreaming.

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of University Women Present
  • Association of American Geographers Present
  • Awards and Honors

  • 2017, Excellence in Scholarship Award 2017, Bentley University
  • 2017, Maurice E. Goldman Distinguished Professor in Arts & Sciences, Bentley University
  • 2009, Co-PI, National Science Foundation (#6743000), S-STEM Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, $600,000, Hunter College, 2009 - 2011
  • 2007, Co-PI. Canadian International Development Agency, Canada Corps University Partnership Program. "Sustaining Water in Mongolia: A Human Security Approach," partnering with the National University of Mongolia. $190,000. 2006 - 2007.
  • 2006, Companion to Feminist Geography. Honoree Selection for Best Publication, Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group of the AAG, 2006.
  • 2005, Media Achievement Award," Association of American Geographers, 2005.
  • 2003, University Scholar, University of Vermont.
  • 2001, Rockefeller Humanities Fellow, "Gender & The Environment" program at the Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon
  • Publications

    Journal Articles

  • Seager, J. (2020). Thematic White Paper: Gender Balance in the Ranger Workforce.. . Forthcoming.
  • Seager, J. (2020). Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability in the Age of Crisis. The United Nations.
  • Gupta, J., Seager, J. (2019). Re imagining the driver–pressure–state–impact–response framework from an equity and inclusive development perspective. Sustainability Science.
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  • Seager, J. (1993). Earth Follies: Coming to Feminist Terms With the Global Environmental Crisis. 310. London/ New York: Earthscan/ Routledge

  • Book Chapters

  • Seager, J. (2019). The State of Environmental Data and Knowledge In , (Eds.) Global Environmental Outlook-6.. Un Environment Programme/ Oxford U Press
  • Seager, J. (2019). New visions for nature and nature’s contributions to people for the 21st century In , (Eds.) New visions for nature and nature’s contributions to people for the 21st century. Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES
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  • , I., Seager, J. (2017). Gendered dimensions of sources, fate and effects of microplastics in the marine environment – a global assessment. In , (Eds.) Sources, fate and effects of microplastics in the marine environment – a global assessment.. International International Maritime Organization (Link)
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  • Seager, J. (). Death by Degrees: Taking a Feminist Hard Look at the 2 degree Climate Policy In Susan Buckingham, (Eds.) Gendering Climate Change. NY: Routledge

  • Book Reviews

  • Seager, J. (2010). [Review of the book Rachel was Right: Rachel Carson's Legacy ]. Times Higher Education. #1959London:

  • Cases

    Seager, J. (2020). Gender Learning Review: Gender Equality in Wildlife Conservation: Madagascar and NamibiaThe World Wildlife Fund. Forthcoming.Seager, J. (2019). Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability in the Age of CrisisUN Women/ UN Secretary General. (Link)


  • Seager, J. (2021). Gender and illegal wildlife trade: Overlooked and underestimatedWorld Wildlife Foundation. 65. (Link)
  • Seager, J. (2021). Towards Gender Equality in the Ranger Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities.Universal Ranger Support Alliance.
  • Seager, J. (2020). Quantifying and Measuring Climate, Health, and Gender Co-Benefits from Clean Cooking Interventions: Methodologies ReviewThe World Bank.
  • Seager, J. (2020). Gender and waste nexus: experiences from Bhutan, Mongolia and Nepal. UNEP/ IETC (Japan)/ GRID-Arendal (Norway).
  • Seager, J. (2019). The CARICOM Gender Equality Index (GEI) and the SDGsUN Women/ CARICOM. Forthcoming.
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  • Seager, J. (). Gender-disaggregated indicators for the water sector: Concepts, priorities, and methodologiesUNESCO Technical Publications. 35. Forthcoming.
  • Presentations

  • Seager, J. (2021). Presented at the Centers for Disease Control Centers for Disease Control Data Visualization Practicuum
  • Seager, J. (2021). “Feminist Perspectives on Environmental Justice” Presented at the International Environmental Philosophy Association International Environmental Philosophy Association annual conference
  • Seager, J. (2021). Presented at the IUCN IUCN -- gender, environment and violence
  • Seager, J. (2019). “State of women in environmental studies” Presented at the U of San Diego 50th Anniversary Women's Studies California
  • Seager, J. (2019). “Differential impacts of disasters” Presented at the Government of Canada Canada Foreign Affairs Learning Symposium Canada
  • Seager, J. (2019). “Gender and Energy” Presented at the Sabanci UNiversity Istanbul Symposium on Gender & Energy Turkey
  • Seager, J. (2019). “Petro-Bromance: Fossil Fuels and Masculinity” Presented at the Lund UNiversity Political Ecologies of the Far Right Sweden
  • Seager, J. (2019). “Gender & climate change ” Presented at the UNESCO + University Iceland UNESCO/ U Iceland Climate Change Workshop Nairobi, Kenya
  • Seager, J. (2019). Presented at the Bentley/ Valente Valente Seminar on Intersectionality
  • Seager, J. (2018). Presented at the UN Women + UNEP Bringing Gender into the Environmental SDGS Nairobi Kenya
  • Seager, J. (2017). Presented at the University of Iceland Icelandic Environmental Consortium
  • Seager, J. (2017). Presented at the Columbia University Women Peace & Security Inaugural Conference
  • Seager, J. (2017). Presented at theWorld Bank Environment Division
  • Seager, J. (2017). Presented at the United Nations Geneva Environment Network
  • Seager, J. (2017). Presented at theClark University Celebrating Women
  • Seager, J. (2017). Presented at theAssociation of American Geographers
  • Seager, J. (2017). Presented at the United Nations African Women & Energy Entrepeneurship Network
  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the UNESCO/ CSW UN Committee on the Status of Women/ UNESCO New York
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  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the RIKK Research Institute University of Iceland RIKK Lectures, University Iceland
  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the UNEP UN Second Environment Assembly (Nairobi) Science Policy Forum Nairobi
  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the UNEP UN Second Environment Assembly (Nairobi) Network of Women Ministers Nairobi
  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the UNEP GEO-6 North American Regional Assessment Ottawa
  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the UN UN High-Level Ministerial Meeting on Sustainable Development New York
  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the Penn State University/ FAO Penn State University/ FAO Gendering Agriculture Workshop Penn State University
  • Seager, J. (2016). Presented at the UN COP22 -- International Climate Change Meetings Morocco
  • Seager, J. (2014). “Gender-sensitive water monitoring” Presented at the Government of South Africa & AMCOW Gender, Water & Development South Africa
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  • Seager, J. (2014). “Challenges in gender research methodologies in environmental research” Presented at the UNEP/ Network of Women Ministers for the Environment United Nations Environment Assembly Nairobi, Kenya
  • Seager, J. (2014). “Gender & Environment” Presented at the University of Iceland, GEST United Nations University - Gender Equity Studies Programme, University Iceland Iceland
  • Seager, J. (2013). “Climate justice and the US climate report” Presented at theNESTVAL -- geographers
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  • Committee Chair for Tenure-track faculty hiring committee 2021 - 2021
  • Committee Chair for Ad hoc committee on diversity and race 2020 - 2021
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  • Program Organizer for Co-organizer and host, Valente Visiting Scholar 2019 - 2019
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  • Department Chair for Global Studies Department Chair - 2016
  • Professional Service

  • Editorial Review Board Member for Journal: Capitalism, Nature, Society 2011 - Present
  • Tenure reviewer for University of British Columbia 2020 - 2021
  • Advisory Board for grant project for OXFAM UK 2017 - 2020
  • MapStory 2015 - 2019
  • Tenure reviewer for University of Colorado 2018 - 2018
  • Editorial Review Board Member for International Editorial Advisory Board. International Handbook on Gender & Environment, (Routledge), 2016 - 2018
  • Reviewer promotion for Central European University - 2017
  • Reviewer, Grant Proposal for European Union Marie Curie Fellowships - 2017
  • Reviewer, Journal Article for Gender & Society - 2017
  • Distinguished Professor reviewer for Swedish Research Council - 2017
  • One-week expert availability for UNEP "Ask an Expert" 2016 - 2016
  • Exam writer for the Foreign Service Exam for US Department of State, Foreign Service Exam 2016 - 2016
  • Editorial Review Board Member for Journal: Geoforum 2001 - 2011