Ian Walsh

  • Associate Professor, Management
  • Ph D. Boston College
  • M.S. Boston College
  • MBA Boston University
  • B.S. Cornell University

Teaching Interests

Organizational behavior; leadership; career management; organizational change

Research Interests

Social cognition; organizational change; organizational identity; workplace relationships


Prior to joining Bentley, I served on the faculties of University of Massachusetts Amherst and University College Dublin. I earned my Ph D in Management from Boston College in 2009.

Professional Links

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management 2004 - Present
  • Awards and Honors

  • 2022, Rupert F. Chisholm Best Theory-to-Practice Paper, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, ODC Division
  • 2017, Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • 2012, Thomas Moran Fellowship, University College Dublin
  • 2011, Outstanding Publication Award, University College Dublin
  • 2009, Best Paper Award, Human Relations
  • 2008, Adelle and Erwin Tomash Fellowship, Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota
  • 2008, Best Paper Award, Davis Conference on Qualitative Research
  • 2008, Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award, Boston College
  • Publications

    Journal Articles

  • Lyle, M. C., Hockensmith, A., Walsh, I. J. (2023). Up in Smoke? The Lingering Influence of History on Community Identity Dynamics. Strategic Organization. Forthcoming.
  • Walsh, I. J., Pazzaglia, F., Lyle, M. C., Sonpar, K. (2023). Professional credibility under threat: Responses to negative social evaluations in newly contested professions. Human Relations, (76) 746-775.
  • Lyle, M. C., Walsh, I. J., Prokopovych, B. (2022). Engaging with the Past: Towards a theory of routine encounters with organizational history.. Strategic Organization. Forthcoming.
  • Lyle, M. C., Walsh, I. J., Coraiola, D. (2022). What is NORML? Sedimented meanings in ambiguous organizational identities. Organization Studies, (43) 12 1991-2012.
  • Do, B., Lyle, M. C., Walsh, I. J. (2019). Driving down memory lane: The influence of memories in a community following organizational demise. Organization Studies, (40) 9 1307-1329.
  • Walsh, I. J., Pazzaglia, F., Ergene, E. (2019). Loyal after the end: Understanding organizational identification in the wake of failure. Human Relations, (72) 2 163-187.
  • Walsh, I. J., Halgin, D. S., Huang, Z. (2018). Making old friends: Understanding the causes and consequences of maintaining former coworker relationships.. Academy of Management Discoveries, (4) 4 410-428.
  • Sonpar, K., Walsh, I. J., Pazzaglia, F., Eng, M., Dastmalchian, A. (2018). Picking the measuring stick: The role of leaders in social comparisons. Journal of Management Studies, (55) 4 677-702.
  • Xu, S., Jiang, X., Walsh, I. J. (2018). The influence of openness to experience on perceived employee creativity: The moderating roles of individual trust. Journal of Creative Behavior, (52) 2 142-155.
  • Walsh, I. J., Bartunek, J. M. (2012). Rising from the ashes: Appreciating and fostering postdeath organizing. Organizational Dynamics, (41) 2 89-98.
  • Walsh, I. J., Bartunek, J. M. (2011). Cheating the fates: Organizational foundings in the wake of demise. Academy of Management Journal, (54) 5 1017-1044.
  • Walsh, I. J., Bhatt, M., Bartunek, J. M. (2009). Organizational knowledge creation in the Chinese context. Management and Organization Review, (5) 2 261-278.
  • Bartunek, J. M., Huang, Z., Walsh, I. J. (2008). The development of a process model of collective turnover. Human Relations, (61) 1 5-38.
  • Walsh, I. J., Glynn, M. A. (2008). The way we were: Legacy organizational identity and the role of leadership. Corporate Reputation Review.

    Book Chapters

  • Walsh, I. J., Bartunek, J. M. (2016). "Why does this matter?" Understanding the contribution of unexplored phenomena In R.M Kramer & K.D. Elsbach, (Eds.) Handbook of Innovative Qualitative Research Methods. New York: Routledge
  • Glynn, M. A., Walsh, I. J. (2011). Commentary: Finding the Positive in Positive Organizational Identities In L.M. Roberts & J.E. Dutton, (Eds.) xploring positive identities and organizations: Building a theoretical and research foundation. . 479-493. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
  • Walsh, I. J. (2009). Rescue and recovery: the role of sense making in experiences of organizational death In , (Eds.) Qualitative Organizational Research: Best Papers from the Davis Conference on Qualitative Research. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing

  • Conference Proceedings

  • Rocheville, K.Walsh, I. J. (2022). Subtractive Change in the Face of Adversity: Expanding Theory on Organizational Dormancy Academy of Management Proceedings. Forthcoming.
  • Lyle, M. C.Walsh, I. J. (2020). Reimagining the past: Towards a theory of routine encounters with organizational history Academy of Management Proceedings.
  • Xu, S.Jiang, X.Walsh, I. J. (2014). The influence of openness to experience on employee creativity. Academy of Management Proceedings.
  • Walsh, I. J. (2010). The generatively of doubt in episodes of organizational change. Academy of Management Proceedings.

  • Presentations

  • Walsh, I. J. (2020). “Reimagining the past: Towards a theory of routine encounters with organizational history” Presented at the Academy of Management Academy of Management Annual Meeting Vancouver, BC/Online
  • Walsh, I. J. (2020). “Up in Smoke? Towards a Theory of Community Identity Work” Presented at the Academy of Management Academy of Management Annual Meeting Vancouver BC/Online
  • Service

    University Service

  • Committee Member for Faculty Senate 2022 - Present
  • Committee Member for LGBTQ Steering Committee 2022 - Present
  • Professional Service

  • Editorial Review Board Member for Human Relations 2021 - Present
  • Editorial Review Board Member for Journal of Management Inquiry 2021 - Present