Edward Zlotkowski

Teaching Interests

Student academic and civic engagement Drama Public speaking

Research Interests

Student academic and civic engagement Higher education reform Discipline-specific dimensions of engaged work

Consulting/Practice Interests

Service-learning and civic engagement


Founding director of Bentley Service-Learning Center. Teaching interests include English, German and Latin. Research interests include contemporary American poetry and German and English romanticism. Strong pedagogical and interdisciplinary interests. General editor of 21-volume series on service-learning in the academic disciplines. Author of numerous articles on service-learning and civic engagement.

Professional Memberships

  • New England Resource center for Higher Education 2010 - Present
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 1996 - Present
  • Engineering Projects in Community Service 2004 - 2009
  • Awards and Honors

  • , Edward Zlotkowski Award for Alumni Civic Engagement, Bentley service-Learning Center
  • 2010, Lifetime Achievement Award for Service Learning and Civic Engagement, International Conference on Service-Learning and Engaged Research
  • 2010, Headley House Distinguished Visitor, Carleton College
  • Publications

    Journal Articles

  • Szymanski, D. W., Hadlock, C. R., Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). Using Public Sector Research Projects to Engage Undergraduates. Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) Quarterly, (33) 2 19-26. (Link)


  • Zlotkowski, E. A., Saltmarsh, J. (2011). Higher Education and Democracy: Collected Essays on Service-learning and Civic Engagement. 400. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press

  • Book Chapters

  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2011). Civic Education on the Rocks? In John Saltmarsh & Matthew Hartley, (Eds.) . 29. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press
  • Zlotkowski, E. A., Duffy, D. K. (2011). Two Decades of Community-Based Learning In Marilla Svinicki & Catherine Wehlburg, (Eds.) . 15. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Forthcoming.
  • Zlotkowski, E. A., Benson, S., Horowitz, K. (2011). The Potential of Service-learning Student Leadership In Nicholas Longo & Cynthia Gibson, (Eds.) . 23. Hanover, NH: Tufts University Press
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). The Case for Service-Learning In McIlrath, Lorraine, MacLabhrainn, Iain, (Eds.) . 37-52. England: Ashgate
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (). Academic and Civic Engagement In , (Eds.) . 18. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press Forthcoming.

  • Presentations

  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). “Students as Colleagues ” Presented at the International Asociation for Research on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement IARSLCE Annual Conference Baltimore, MD
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). “Certification Workshop” Presented at the NY Campus Compact & St. John's University (NYC) New York Campus Compact-St. John's University Service-Learning Faculty Certification Workshop Queens, NY
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). “Service-learning in Thery and Practice” Presented at the Western New York State service-learning Coalition Western New York State Service-learning Faculty Workshop Niagara, NY
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). “Service-learning and the First-Year Experience” Presented at the Montana ServiceLearning Coalition Annual Montana Service-learning Conference Billings, MT
  • Zlotkowski, E. A., Olivas, A. (2011). “Tapping the Full Spectrum of Civic Engagement Strategies” Presented at the American Association of Colleges and Universities Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility Longbeach, CA
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2011). “Service-Learning Course Design” Presented at the Western NY State S-L Consortium Western New York State Service Learning Consortium Annual Faculty Training Buffalo, NY
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2010). “Students as Colleagues: New Research Directions” Presented at the International Conference on Service-learning and Civic Engagement 10th International Research Conference on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Indianapolis, IN
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2010). “Service-Learning Course Creation” Presented at the Western New York State Service-learning Consortium Western New York State Faculty Service-Learning Workshop Buffalo
  • Zlotkowski, E. A., Saltmarsh, J., Horowitz, K. (2010). “Students as Colleagues” Presented at the New England State Campus Compacts New England Campus Compact Regional Conference Burlington, VT
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). “Keynote Presentation: Education, Globalization, and Democracy: Taylor vs. Dewey Dejà Vu”
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). “Keynote Presentation: Service-Learning in the United States: Addressing the Needs of a Society in Transition”
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). “Keynote Presentation: Students as Colleagues: Expanding the Circle of Service-Learning Leadership”
  • Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). “Plenary Address: Academy-Community Partnerships for Teaching and Learning”
  • Service

    Department Service

  • Committee Chair for Literature and Film Committee - Present
  • Committee Member for Evaluation Committee 1995 - Present
  • University Service

  • Director for Bentley Service-Learning Center 2011 - 2013
  • Committee Member for Service-Learning Director Search Committee 2012 - 2012
  • Professional Service

  • Reviewer, Journal Article for Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement - Present
  • Reviewer, Journal Article for Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning - Present
  • Reviewer, Book for Modern Language Association - Present
  • Reviewer, Journal Article for Prism: A Journal of Regional Engagement - Present
  • advisor on higher education initiatives for Youth Service America 2010 - Present