Clifton Chow

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Management


Journal Articles

  • Rahman, N., Mozer, R., McHugh, K., Rockett, I., Chow, C. M., Vaughan, G. (2022). Using Natural Language Processing to Improve Suicide Classification Requires Consideration of Race. Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior, (52) 4 782-791.
  • Mukerjee, S., Chow, C. M., Li, M. (2021). Mitigation Strategies and Compliance in the Covid-19 Fight; How Much Compliance is Enough?. PLOS ONE. 16(8)
  • Edelman, L. F., Manolova, T. S., Brush, C. G., Chow, C. M. (2021). Signal Configurations: Exploring Set-Theoretic Relationships in Angel Investing. Journal of Business Venturing.
  • Presentations

  • Koparan, I., Edelman, L. F., Manolova, T. S., Chow, C. M. (2022). “The Effect of Adhering to a Healthy Lifestyle on the Venture Creation Process” Presented at the Academy of Management Academy of Management Meeting Seattle, WA