Faculty Profile - Maria Skaletsky

Adjunct Lecturer, Management
PhD Student
Ph.D., Bentley University, 2013
MBA, Bentley University, 2003
Office: Adamian Academic Center G170 | 781.891._2522 | mskaletsky@bentley.edu
Department Phone: 781.891._2522 | Department Fax: 781.891.3125


Since 2003, Maria has worked as a research consultant at Bentley’s Academic Technology Center. She is responsible for consulting faculty in all aspects of research approach, design, and implementation in the selection of appropriate methodology for data gathering and statistical analysis. Skaletsky also assists faculty in the use of large research databases such as CRSP, Compustat, and ExecuComp, as well as the use of various quantitative and qualitative software such as SAS, SPSS, NVivo and others.

Research Interests

Maria’s main research focus is on data mining, particularly web usage and web content mining.


Journal Articles
Skaletsky, M. ., Galliers, R. D., Haughton, D. M., Soremekun, O. (2016). Exploring the Predictors of the International Digital Divide . Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 19 (1), 44-67. (link)

Skaletsky, M. ., Soremekun, O., Galliers, R. D. (2013). The changing – and unchanging – face of the digital divide: An application of Kohonen Self Organizing Maps. Information Technology for Development, 20 (3), 218-250. (link)

Woolford, S. W., Haughton, D. M., Li, M., Senne, L. P., Skaletsky, M. ., Eshghi, A. (2012). Enrollment management in graduate business programs: predicting student retention. Journal of Institutional Research, 16 (2), 63-79.

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Davi, W., Haughton, D. M., Nasr, N. I., Shah, G. R., Skaletsky, M. . (2005). A Review of Two Text-Mining Packages: SAS Textmining and WordStat. The American Statistician, 59 (1), 1-15.

Book Chapters
Skaletsky, M. , Pick, J. B, Sarkar, A, Yates, D. J. (2017). Digital Divides: Past, Present and Future. In Robert D. Galliers and Mari-Klara Stein (Eds.), Companion to Management Information Systems (1 ed.). Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge (link)

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Skaletsky, M. . "Essays on the Digital Divide - Explorations through global, national and individual lenses." Presented at the 's Dissertation Proposal, Bentley University.

Skaletsky, M. ., Manolova, T. S. (2014). "Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age: Exploring the Effect of Digital Development on New Firm Entry." Presented at the St.Petersburg State University's GSOM Emerging Markets Conference: Business and Government Perspectives, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Skaletsky, M. . (2013). "Application of the Kohonen Self-Organizing Map to study the regional Digital Divide in Russia." Presented at the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research, Las Vegas.

Skaletsky, M. ., Haughton, D. M. (2013). "Application of multilevel models to the study of the individual digital divide in Russia." Presented at the International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, Moscow, Russia.

Woolford, S. W., Haughton, D. M., Legrand, P., Skaletsky, M. . (2010). "Identifying Groups: A Comparison of Segmentation Methodologies." Presented at the American Statistical Association's 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver, BC.

Skaletsky, M. ., Soremekun, O. (2010). "The International Digital Divide: An Application of Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps." Presented at the New England Statistical Symposium, Cambridge, MA.

Skaletsky, M. ., Haughton, D. M., Chang, L., Lally, J. (2009). "An application of SAS Text Miner to the imputation of missing key player description in a customer database." Presented at the Northeast SAS User Group (NESUG), Burlington, Vermont.

Skaletsky, M. ., Rivas, R., Rakovski, C. (2007). "Assessing Semi-globalization: Construct Validity and Comparison of Formative and Reflective Models." Presented at the Academy of International Business, Indianapolis.

Skaletsky, M. ., Rivas, R., Rakovski, C. (2007). "Comparative Economic Globalization: Validity and Comparison of Formative and Reflective Models." Presented at the Academy of Management, Philadelphia.

Skaletsky, M. ., Rivas, R., Rakovski, C. (2006). "Measures of Globalization 1970-2000: Construct Validity and Measurement Invariance." Presented at the Academy of Management, Atlanta.