How to Review/Complete YOUR Profile

Welcome to Bentley's Faculty Profiles site, powered by Digital Measures! There are a number of nice features of this system. You can maintain a public profile web page that includes your bio, teaching and scholarly work, and links to other websites such as your professional organizations, personal website, consulting firm, etc. You can also generate annual activity and planning reports (for full-time faculty) and basic CVs.

Many fields and categorizations of scholarly work are required for AACSB, NEASC, and EQUIS accreditation. It's imperative that you review each section of your profile to ensure that the data are properly presented in each of the categories and classifications. Not all data entry fields are for public view - some are simply required for accreditation.

Please plan to review and enter or revise the data for at least the past five years in each major section:

  • "General Information" includes your bio, position titles, education, interests, awards and honors, as well as other sections.
  • "Teaching" includes your teaching schedule, which is automatically entered from Banner/the registrar, as well as additional roles for you to enter (such as advising, etc.)
  • "Scholarship/Research" houses all of your imported publications, conference proceedings, research, etc. Plan here to classify your work into the appropriate categories.
  • "Service" is an area in which you can add other roles inside and outside of Bentley.

Things to be aware of:

  • For publications with Bentley co-authors, the 1st (lead) Bentley author should enter the publication and select additional Bentley co-authors (available in a drop-down menu!). Selecting from this co-author drop-down list will automatically add the publication to the co-authors' profiles, so please coordinate with your Bentley co-author(s) to avoid duplicate entries in the system. The names of non-Bentley co-authors can simply be typed into the boxes provided.
  • The very helpful Pasteboard feature (at the bottom of the page) allows you to copy and paste large amounts of text from your CV or other documents into a clipboard, then you can highlight, drag, and drop portions of text directly into data entry fields rather than re-typing it.
  • If you see an "" next to a field, this is a "read only" field that utilizes imported data from Banner or Human Resources. You cannot edit these fields, but need to contact Human Resources so these data can be updated in Bentley's records rather than just in your Faculty Profile page. Once HR updates their records, you will see the change the following day in your profile.
  • When adding the title of a work into a field, please do not add additional punctuation (such as a period or comma) to the end of the title; this will ensure that your basic CV is properly generated in your selected format (APA/MLA/Chicago).
  • While we've tried to ensure that most any sort of faculty work at Bentley can be captured, the required options will require judgement calls regarding where certain types of data should be entered. If you are uncertain, feel free to consult the contact listed under the Get Help section or your department chair.
  • If you would like a picture (or a different) picture uploaded and properly formatted for your public profile page, email us the .jpg, .gif, etc. file (or the URL of the page on which it appears) to

Step 1

Begin by logging in with your Bentley credentials:

Step 2

Click on Manage Your Activities (on the left side of the page), then click on each listed item to verify/change the data: