How to Get Help or Attend a Workshop

If you need help using the system, please contact your department’s academic administrative assistant.
If you have questions your admin is unable to answer, feel free to call/email Brinda Sood (; 781-891-2966) or the Provost’s office.
If you have technical questions, Mary Jo Sanz (; 781-891-2591) or Jason Wells (; 781-891-3119) are available in the Academic Technology Center.

Completing your Annual Activity and Planning Reports in Digital Measures Workshop
Use Digital Measures to add data and narratives to your Annual Activity and Planning Reports. With the automatic incorporation of teaching schedules and SETs, you can focus on adding other publications, presentations, etc. and your narratives. We’ll review how the data gets output into your Annual Activity and Planning Reports, and how you can pull copies of the report as well as mark them complete. In addition, we’ll review how to add and edit entries, the public profile website, and generation of basic CVs.

If you would like to attend a workshop, please contact Mary Jo Sanz at to schedule a time.