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Bill M. Gribbons

Professor, Information Design and Corporate Communication
Ph.D., Univ of Maryland-College Park, 1986
Office: Adamian Academic Center 261 | 781.891._2926 |

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Research interests in human factors, localization, and visualization with a goal of building an applied theoretical model for information design and the user experience. Founder of the Design and Usability Center, the Center has helped clients around the globe improve the competitiveness of their technology products and services through a carefully defined user experience. Past President of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication; an Associate Fellow in the Society for Technical Communication, and a past member of the Technical Communication Editorial Board, the ACM, SIGCHI, Usability Professional Association, and Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Teaching Interests

Human factors; Localization; Usability testing and inspections; Information visualization; User and task analysis; Universal accessibility

Research Interests

Human Factors; Human Computer Interaction; Usability Engineering; Universal Accessibility; Product Usability; User Experience Information Visualization

Consulting/Practice Interests

Product usability; Integrating userexperience practices; The elderly and technology design; Lower literacy populations and technology design; Designing products for the global marketplace; User and task analysis

Professional Memberships

Association of Computing Machinery
Human Factors and Ergonomics Association
User Experience Professionals Association

Awards and Honors

2008, Riley Award, Town of Auburn
2007, Children's Friend Award, Auburn Youth and Family Services
2002, Professor of Human Factors
1998, Associate Fellow, Society for Technical Communication


Journal Articles
Porter, S., Cai, Z., Gribbons, W. M., Goldmann, D. A., Kohane, I. S. The Asthma Kiosk, A Patient-Centered Technology for Collaborative Decision Support in the Emergency Department. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 11 (6), 458-467. Forthcoming

Gribbons, W. M. The Four Waves of User Centered Design: The Bentley Experience. User Experience Professionals Association, 4. Forthcoming

Gribbons, W. M. (2010). Patient-Centered Design of an Information Management Module. JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH, 12 (3), in press.

Gribbons, W. M. (1998). Visualizing Information. Technical Communication, 45 (4), 467-473.

Gribbons, W. M. (1991). Visual Literacy: Implications for Information Design. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 34 (1), 42-50.

Gribbons, W. M. (1991). Organization by Design. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 22 (1), 57-75.

Book Chapters
Gribbons, W. M, Hübscher, R. Transforming HCI: The Art, Science and Business of User Experience Design. In Heikki Topi and Allen Tucker (Eds.), Information Systems and Information Technology, Volume 2 (Computing Handbook Set, Third Edition,)  (pp. 41 pages). Boca Rotan: . Taylor and Francis

Gribbons, W. M, Hübscher, R. From HCI to User Experience: Moving Beyond Technology. In Allen Tucker (Eds.), Computer Science Handbook. New York: . Taylor and Francis Group

Gribbons, W. M. (2012). Universal Accessibility and Low Literacy Populations: Implications for HCI, Design, and Research Methods. In Julie Jacko and Andrew Sears (Eds.), The Human Computer Interaction Handbook (pp. 909-924). Mahwah, NJ:: . Lawrence Erlbaum

Gribbons, W. M. (2007). Universal Accessibility and Functionally Illiterate Populations: Implications for HCI, Design, and Testing.  (pp. 872 - 881). Mahwah, NJ: . Lawrence Erlbaum

Gribbons, W. M. (2003). The New Demographic: Transforming the HCI Curriculum. In Jacko, Julie, Stephanidis, Constantine (Eds.),  (pp. 341-346). Mahwah, New Jersey: . Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Gribbons, W. M. (2013). "Avoiding the Unintended Consequences: Redefining the Designer's Responsibilities." Presented at the Bentley University's Bentley Colloquium On Responsible Innovation, Waltham MA.

Gribbons, W. M. (2013). "UX Inspired Innovation."

Gribbons, W. M. (2013). "UX Inspired Innovation in Healthcare." Presented at the Kaiser Permanente's Kaiser Speakers Series, California.

Aylesworth, A. B., Gribbons, W. M., Kirsch, G. E. (2013). "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Building Creativity Skills among MBA Students." Presented at the Marketing Educators Association's Marketing Educators Conference, Portland, OR.

Gribbons, W. M. (2013). "Disruption or Innovation." Presented at the ALPFA's ALPFA Disruptive Technology Symposium, Boston.

Gribbons, W. M., Rosenzweig, E. (2011). "Human Factors Design for Device Software Safety." Presented at the Medical Software SIG's Medical Development Group, Boston.

Gribbons, W. M. (2011). "The Changing Face of HCI." Presented at the Boston CHI's Boston Human Computer Interaction Session, Boston.

Gribbons, W. M., Albert, W. (2009). "Pre-Conscious Assessment of Trust: A Case Study of Financial and Health Care Web Sites." Presented at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Albert, W., Gribbons, W. M., Almadas, J. (2009). "Pre-Conscious Assessment of Trust: A Case Study of Financial and Health Care Web Sites." Presented at the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society's Human Factors and Ergonomic Society Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Gribbons, W. M., Buchholz, W. J. (2004). "Accessibility for Lower Literacy Populations."

Gribbons, W. M. (2003). "Lower Literacy Populations: Implications for Usability Inspections and Usability Testing." Presented at the Usability Professionals Association, Scottsdale, AZ.

Gribbons, W. M. (2002). "Usability Inspection Heuristics."


Department Service
Program Director
Committee Member for Faculty Senate, 2005 - Present
I provide oversight of all aspects of the Center, 2000
Committee Chair for Research Committee, 2000 - Present
Committee Chair for Director of HFID Program, 1999 - Present
Committee Chair for Director User Experience Certificate , 1990 - Present
Committee Member for Faculty Senate, 2012 - 2013
Committee Member for Graduate Council, 2012 - 2013
Committee Member for Graduate Curriculum, 2012 - 2013
Committee Chair for IDCC Evaluation Committe Chair, 2012 - 2013
Chair, 2011 - 2011

University Service
Task Force Member for Bentley MBA Task Force, 2011 - Present
Committee Member for Graduate Council, 2009 - Present
Committee Member for Graduate Curriculuum Committee, 2008 - Present
Committee Member for Salary and Benefits Committee, 2005 - Present
MS Program Directors, 2000 - Present
Committee Member for Digital Engagement Steering Committee, 2011 - 2012
Task Force Chair for Web Steering Committee, 2009 - 2011

Professional Service
Committee Member for Mass High Tech Council, 2013 - Present

Public Service
Chairperson for Auburn First Day Program and Winter Coat Drive, 1999 - Present
Founder for First Day Program and Winter coat Drive, 1998