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W. Timothy Anderson

Associate Professor, Sociology
Ph.D., Boston University, 1982
Office: Morison Hall 149E | 781.891._2730 |

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Sociology teaching interests include drugs and society, deviance, medical sociology and interaction analysis. Research interests include Native American culture, medical sociology, ethnomethodology and conversational analysis. Instituted Bentley summer program for students who want to learn about Crow Indian culture by living with a Crow Indian tribe in Montana. Published in Discourse and Institutional Authority: Medicine, Education and Law, New Direction in the Study of the Social Order, The New England Sociologist, Patients, Physicians & Illness, and Perspectives in Sociology. Has taught at Wheaton College, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Services, Boston College and Boston University. Formerly a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School.

Teaching Interests

Native American Studies - Crow tribe; Sociology of Everyday Life; Conversation Analysis; Sociology of the Edge; Gender & Culture; Introductory Sociology

Research Interests

Native American Studies - Crow tribe; Pain Management; Sociology of Everyday Life; Conversation Analysis; Teaching/Pedagogy

Awards and Honors

2012, Greek Faculty Member of the Month
2012, Adamian Award


Journal Article(s)
Psathas, G., Anderson, W. (1998). The 'practices' of transcription in conversation analysis. Semiotica.

Edited Volumes
Rawls, A. W, Anderson, W, Helm, D, Meehan, A. J. (Ed.). (1989). Interactional Order: New Directions in the Study of Social Order.  (pp. 289). New York: Irvington Press

Book Chapters
Anderson, W, Helm, D. (1979). The Physician-Patient Encounter: A process of reality negotiation. In Jaco, E. Gartley (Eds.), . ny: . Free Press

Conference Presentations

Boeri, M. W., Lamonica, A., Anderson, W. (2014). "Medical Marijuana Policy in Massachusetts: The need for transparency, communication and education." Presented at the Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology's Annual Conference Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA.

Boeri, M. W., Anderson, W. (2014). "The Impact of Medical Marijuana on Communities in Massachusetts." Presented at the The Society for the Study of Social Problems's Annual Conference Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Boeri, M. W., Anderson, W., . (2014). "Medical Marijuana Dispensaries." Presented at the Eastern Sociological Society 's Annual Conference Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland. .

Anderson, W. (2003). "Not to Study but to Learn." Presented at the ASBBS, Las Vegas.