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Sandeep R. Purao

Professor, Information and Process Management
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1995
Master of Business Administration, Northern Illinois University, 1988
Chartered Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, 1985
Bachelor of Law (Gen), University of Bombay, 1984
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Bombay, 1983
Office: Smith Technology Center 322 | 781.891._2753 |

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I hold a PhD in Management Science (MIS) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. At Bentley, I hold a Trustee Professor position in the Information and Process Management group. My research and teaching deals with the design of complex techno-organizational systems, and the sciences of design.

Teaching Interests

My teaching strengths and interests significantly overlap with my research. I have taught courses and participated in programs variously titled as systems design, enterprise integration, enterprise integration, business processes and enterprise systems, and organizational informatics. These include courses at the undergraduate, masters, professional masters and doctoral levels.

Research Interests

My research deals with the design and evolution of complex technologies at larger scales such as organizations, governments and cities; blending methods from organizational science and software engineering, informed by domain-specific theories in business, government and cities. I primarily use design science methods, supported by interpretive and positivist approaches and enjoy reflecting on the craft of teaching. My work has been published in several premier journals and conferences. I received a Ph.D. in MIS from the Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May 1995. I have chaired DESRIST, IEEE Service Computing, WITS and ER conferences; and have served/serve on on the editorial boards for Journal of the AIS, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Database Management, Scandinavian Journal of IS, and Information Technology &Management

Consulting/Practice Interests

I have worked with a number of industry segments including finance, manufacturing and government agencies. My work has dealt with designing innovative solutions for organizational problems as well as developing deeper understanding of complex problems dealing with knowledge management, human resources and technology infrastructures.

Professional Links

Awards and Honors

2014, Lifetime Achievement Award, Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST)
2009, Best Paper Selection for the AMIA Yearbook, American Medical Informatics Association
2005, Best Paper Award , European Conference on Information Systems


Journal Article(s)
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Department Service
Other for Participant - GB 310 Redesign Effort , 2015 - Present
Other for Coordinator - Research Brown Bag - CIS, IDCC and IPM, 2015 - 2017

University Service
Designing a Soft Skills Assessment Platform for Soft Skills Assessment Platform, 2017
Developing Resources and IT Platform for IRB Function at Bentley for Work with the Institutional Review Board at Bentley, 2017
Other for Lead for Sub-group to Investigate IP Policy at Bentley, 2015 - Present
Committee Member for Research Council, 2015 - Present

Professional Service
Member / Chair of Accreditation Panel for Education Evaluation Commission-Higher Education Sector (EEC-HES) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2016
Senior Editor for Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2015 - 2017
Editor (Associate), Journal for Information Systems Research - Special Issue, 2016 - 2017
Editorial Review Board Member for Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS) 2016, 2016 - 2016
Editorial Review Board Member for Design Science Conference (DESRIST) 2016, 2016 - 2016
Track Co-Chair for European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2016, 2015 - 2016
Editor (Associate), Journal for European Journal of Information Systems - Special Issue, 2015 - 2016