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Stephanie A. Medden

Assistant Professor, English and Media Studies
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2018
M.S., London School of Economics, 2009
B.A., George Washington University, 2007
Office: Adamian Academic Center 085 |

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Dr. Stephanie Aragão Medden received her B.A. in Communication from George Washington University. She completed her M.S. in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and earned her PhD in Communication from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research explores ethnocultural identity and its connection to transnational migration and geopolitics. She is interested in the ways that collective identities are constructed and deployed in response to political, economic, and social turbulence. Her research has explored Portuguese and Spanish speaking communities in the United Kingdom and examined how community members and activists engage in identity work to respond to challenges.<br><br>Her 2018 doctoral dissertation titled,“Rights, Recognition, and Changing Borders: Latin American Activism in Post-Brexit Britain” explored Latin American advocacy work and activism in the UK during the period leading up to Britain's exit from the European Union. Her most recent work explores the impacts of logics of decoloniality on contemporary Latin American identity movements.<br><br>

Teaching Interests

Communication Theory, Effective Speaking, Intercultural Communication, Mass Communication and Media Studies


Journal Article(s)
Medden, S. (2020). Dividing Latin American activist labour in post-Brexit Britain. Journal of Global Diaspora & Media, 1 (1), 69-85.

Conference Presentations

Medden, S. A. (2020). "#Metoo, #Blacklivesmatter, and #Cuéntalo: Critiquing and Connecting With Latinidad in Post Brexit Britain." Presented at the International Communication Association's Annual Conference of The International Communication Association , Virtual.

Crane, J. H., Dayal, S., Hayward, C. C., Hodes, N. L., Medden, S. A., Mulder, J. Y., Mueller, L. S. (2019). Presented at the EMS Research and Pedagogy Committee's EMS Research Roundtable Workshop, Bentley University.

Medden, S. A. (2019). "Dividing Latin American Activist Labor in Post-Brexit Britain." Presented at the International Association of Media and Communication Research 's Annual Conference Meeting of the International Association of Media and Communication Research , Madrid.

Pennel, R., Abbott, T., Stuckey, K., Siomopoulos, A., LeDoux, E., Medden, S. (2019). "Teaching Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality Workshop."

Medden, S. A. (2018). "The Impact of Brexit on Collective Cultural Identity and Migrant Social Justice Work in the United Kingdom." Presented at the International Association of Intercultural Communication Studies's Annual Meeting of the International Association of Intercultural Communication Studies, Chicago.

Medden, S. A. (2017). "Encouraging Critical Dialogue in the Cosmopolitan Classroom." Presented at the Intercultural Management Congress's Annual Meeting of the Intercultural Management Congress, Krakow, Poland.

Medden, S. A., Sekarasih, L. (2013). "Asserting credibility and expertise in times of crisis: Bank advertising during economic recession." Presented at the International Communication Association's Annual Meeting of the International Communication Association, London.


Department Service
Committee Member for Writing and Communication Committee, 2019 - Present