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Ekin Pehlivan Yalcin

Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing
MBA, Bilkent University, 2006
BA, Bilkent University, 2003
Office: Morison Hall

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Teaching Interests

Advertising strategy, Promotional Strategy, Integrated Marketing Communications, Consumer Behavior

Research Interests

Advertising Theory, Consumer Behavior

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Journal Articles
Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P., Berthon, J., Cross, I. R. (2013). Viral Irony: Using Irony to Spread the Questioning of Questionable Consumption. Journal of Public Affairs, 13 (2), 172-179.

Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P., Pitt, L., Chakrabarti, R. (2012). When outsourcing fragments: Customer creativity and Technological Transmutations. Production Planning and Control: The Management of Operations, 10 (1), 1-10.

Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P., Pitt, L. (2011). Ad Bites: Towards a Theory of Ironic Advertising. Journal of Advertising Research, 51 (2), 417- 426.

Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P. (2011). Hugh Jidette or Huge Debt: Questioning US Fiscal Policy Using Caricature and Irony. Journal of Public Affairs, 11 (3), 168–173.

Weinberg, B. D., Pehlivan, E. (2011). Social Spending: Managing The Social Media Mix. Business Horizons, 54 (3), 275-282.

Berthon, P., Pehlivan, E., DesAutels, P. (2008). Remembering Epimetheus: Biotechnologies & the market. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 14 (3), 257-264.

Jacobson, D., Pehlivan, E., Vilvovsky, S., Wong, W. (2008). Combining Web mining techniques and structural equation modeling (SEM) for measuring e-commerce perceptions. Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics (CS-BIGS), 2 (2). (link)

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Pehlivan, E.Informing the iPhone. Presented at the Academy of Marketing Science's Academy of Marketing Science 2008, Baltimore, MD.

Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P.Green irony: Using irony to question questionable consumption. Presented at the Society of Marketing Advances 's Society of Marketing Advances 2010, Atlanta, GA.

Hua, G., Pehlivan, E., Vilvovsky, S., Wong, W., Haughton, D. M. (2010). "Analyse du Reseau Social des Chercheurs en Systemes D'Information: Collaboration Entre Institutions." Presented at the MASHS 2009, Toulouse, France.

Hua, G., Pehlivan, E., Vilvovsky, S., Wong, W., Haughton, D. M. (2009). "A Social Network Analysis of the Institution Collaboration Network within the Information Systems Research Community." Presented at the Modeles et Apprentissage en Sciences Humaines et Sociales, Toulouse, France.