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Noah Giansiracusa

Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Ph.D., Brown University, 2011
Office: Morison Hall 376 |
Department Phone: 781.891._2473

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After completing his PhD at Brown University in Mathematics (supervised by Dan Abramovich), Noah was a postdoc at University of Zurich in Switzerland and then at U.C. Berkeley (mentored by Bernd Sturmfels). He held tenure track positions at University of Georgia and Swarthmore College while he and his wife, a musicologist, looked for academic positions near each other, which they ultimately found in the Boston area. Noah's academic training was in pure mathematics, specifically algebraic geometry (the abstract study of systems of polynomial equations and their solutions), but in recent years he has also become involved in data science and exploring interactions between mathematics and legal studies. He created and runs an NSF funded high school enrichment program called "Math and Law Day" where students learn about mathematical and statistical topics that have entered the courtroom. In his data science research, he is particularly interested in using, and developing, geometric tools to uncover structure in data.

Teaching Interests

Data science and mathematics

Research Interests

Pure Math (algebraic geometry, tropical geometry, matroids) and Data Science (topological data analysis, multidimensional scaling, machine learning)

Professional Links

Awards and Honors

2020, Innovation in Teaching Award, Bentley University
2018, PI Research Grant ($165k), NSF
2016, Young Investigator Grant ($40k), NSA
2015, Co-PI Conference Grant ($28k), NSF
2015, Collaboration Grant ($35k), Simons Foundation
2012, Postdoctoral Fellowship ($150k), NSF


Journal Article(s)
Giansiracusa, N. (2021). Fibonacci, golden ratio, and vector bundles. Mathematics, 9 (4), 5. (link)

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Cohn, H., Ballinger, B., Blekherman, G., Giansiracusa, N., Kelly, E., Schuermann, A. (2009). Experimental study of energy-minimizing point configurations on spheres. Experimental Mathematics, 18 (3), 257-283. (link)

Giansiracusa, N. How Algorithms Create and Prevent Fake News. New York City, NY: Apress (a division of Springer Nature).

Farrelly, C, Giansiracusa, N. Using Geometry and Topology in Machine Learning. San Francisco, CA: No Starch Press.

Conference Paper(s)
Giansiracusa, N., Wu, X. Chow quotients of Grassmannians by diagonal subtori. Facets of Algebraic Geometry in honor of William Fulton's 80th birthday, 17. Forthcoming (link)

Giansiracusa, N., Giansiracusa, B., Moon, C. (2019). Persistent homology machine learning for fingerprint classification. Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications, IEEE ICMLA 2019, 1219-1226. (link)

Conference Presentations

Giansiracusa, N. (2021). "The Shape of Trees." Presented at the Bentley University's Bentley University Mathematical Sciences Research Seminar.

Giansiracusa, N. (2021). "Parameterizing matroids with schemes." Presented at the American Mathematical Society's AMS virtual sectional meeting, Online (due to COVID, formerly Georgia Tech).

Giansiracusa, N. (2021). "Geometry and Topology in Data." Presented at the University of Minnesota's Applied Topology Online Seminar.

Giansiracusa, N. (2020). "Geometric Views of the U.S. Supreme Court." Presented at the University of Illinois, Chicago's Selected Interdisciplinary Directions of Entertaining Mathematics, Virtual.

Giansiracusa, N. (2020). "Matroidal representations of groups." Presented at the UMASS Amherst, Department of Mathematics's Valley Geometry Seminar.

Giansiracusa, N. (2020). "Matroidal Representations of Groups." Presented at the Boston College's Number Theory/Algebraic Geometry Seminar.

Giansiracusa, N. (2019). "Persistent homology machine learning for fingerprint classification." Presented at the IEEE's 18th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications, Boca Raton, Florida.

Giansiracusa, N. (2019). "Matroidal representations of groups." Presented at the Northeastern University's Geometry-Physics-Representation Theory Seminar, Boston, MA.


Department Service
Course Coordinator for Internship coordinator, 2020 - Present
Committee Member for Curriculum Committee, 2019 - Present
Committee Member for Social Committee, 2019 - Present

University Service
Committee Member for Bentley University Learning and Teaching Council, 2020 - 2023

Professional Service
Conference/Workshop Session Chair for American Mathematical Society Sectional Meeting, Special Session on Tropical Geometry, 2019 - 2020