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Mary Wright

Senior Lecturer, English and Media Studies
Coordinator & Professor for Academic Edge Program, Bentley University
Senior Lecturer, Bentley University
Coordinator of International Graduate Tutorials and Workshops
MA ED TESOL, Boston University, 1983
BA, Tufts University, 1981
Office: Adamian Academic Center 095 | 781.891._2055 |

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Presently: I teach undergraduate expository II composition class in rhetoric and research, & am the Coordinator of International Graduate Tutorials and Workshops as well as the Coordinator and Founder of the Academic Edge online tutorial program for international graduates. <br>Previously: Consultant to USAID for the Ministry of Trade in Sophia, Bulgaria, and extensive ESOL curriculum and course development/design for area universities (Harvard, Brandeis, UMASS/Boston, Pine Manor) and businesses. Extensive TESOL teacher trainer for Harvard Univ ESL Programs, other universities. Consultant & curriculum developer for the US State Dept English programs domestically in the Bentley Estonian Grant Program and abroad for USAID in Bulgaria. Specialization in business case study, Corporate Social responsibility, Business ethics, research composition writing, international student issues and academic preparation. Co-author of Going Places, an ESOL textbook for Japanese students. Formerly taught at Harvard University as a Master Teacher in the ESL <br>program for 11 their Business Case Discussion Courses....trained/supervised TESOL BU Masters candidate teachers and mentored Harvard international PhD students from Africa,, Also taught UMass-Boston Professional Education...trained Russian executives & ESL professors for UMASS, trained ESL professors at Brandeis Business School in business case methods, <br>trained Estonian professors for Dept. of State at Bentley, and taught in several corporate training programs. Director of 3 summer Japanese Univ. summers programs at the then International Office at Bentley. Academic Director 1 summer and Assessment supervisor 3 summers for Summer European Scholars Program at Bentley.

Teaching Interests

Creative Writing & Composition; <br>Research Rhetoric/Writing & Documentation, Business Ethics & Corp. Social responsibility,<br>Business Case Studies;<br>Business Communication &<br>Academic Skills for International Graduate Students/TESOL teachers and businesses; linguistic difficulties of minority language groups learning in the USA, Working with adult immigrant English language speakers in the USA,<br>Public Speaking

Research Interests

ESOL Curriculum Development for grad/Undergrad;<br>Business Ethics Across the Curriculum; Corp. Social Responsibility, <br>Service Learning Grant Writing;<br>Intercultural Communication;<br>Creative Writing & Composition;<br>Non-profit research for undergrad EXP writing students<br>Mid-1800's tapestries and Clothing<br>Horse Trainer of wild Mustangs

Consulting/Practice Interests

Intercultural Consulting for International Executives;<br>ESOL for all levels;<br>International MBA Academic Skills Training<br>Consultant for US State Dept.'s Sofia, Bulgaria Ministry of Trade Program to train Bulgarian faculty to teach business English and cases.... designed programs for international students, trained faculty and administrators abroad and domestically. US Dept. State consultant through Bentley...trained Estonian faculty and students under US grant.

Awards and Honors

2018, 2018 MLK Award for Leadership, Earl Avery's MLK Committee
2009, Innovation in Teaching Award, Bentley University
2008, One of 8 Massachusetts teachers awarded a teacher exchange to the Netherlands, Koenig Univ.
2005, Faculty Development Grant, Bentley University


Wright-Singer, M. (1983). "Going Places " volume in the In ESOL :America 10 textbook series (1st ed.). International Horizons, Netherlands.

Conference Presentations

Wright, M. (2019). Presented at the Bentley university's MATSOL Boston May, 2019, Boston, MA.

Wright, M. (2017). "MATSOL Annual conference." Presented at the Bentley University's MATSOL Massachusetts Assoc. of Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages, Boston, MA.

Wright, M. (2017). "Conference of NEATE." Presented at the Bentley University's New England Association of Teachers of English, Mansfield/Foxboro, MA.

Wright, M. C. (2016). "New England Faculty Development Consortium Conference, Titled: Inclusive Excellence: Teaching & learning in an Interconnected World." Presented at the Bentley's NEFDC Conference, Tufts Univ, Medford, MA.

Wright, M. (2016). "Participant." Presented at the University of Massachusetts/Boston's Engaging Practices: A UMass Boston Conference on the Teaching of Composition Saturday, April 2, 2016 , Univ Mass/Boston.

Wright, M. C. (2015). "Teaching techniques to ESOL Students with Limited educational opportunities or with interrupted education and/or careers." Presented at the MATSOL 's SLIFE Matsol Conference in 2 parts, Leominister, MA .

Wright, M. (2012). "Was asked to be one of the panel speakers." Presented at the Career Services's Career Services Workshop on How to Help International Grads in the classroom, LA Cava Bentley Univ. Waltham, MA.

Wright, M. (2011). "Pedagogy Matters." Presented at the Online instruction from Global Skills for colleges's Pedagogy Matters.

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Arab Spring Lecturer: My students also attended lectures on the Arab Spring and had follow up writing assignments/discussions. - Booked two distinguished visiting professors to come to my EXP 202 class. One from Tunisia and Prof. Werhane to speak on global Business Ethics issues. Both visits led into analytical writing assignments and in depth discussions in class. The EXP202 students loved these visits and I plan to do more for spring 2013 to bring the "world" to them and to provoke lively academic work!


Department Service
Committee Chair for English Language and American Cultural Inst Search Committee - Present
Comm. Chair for English Social Comm.
Continue to update and monitor this program in library
Committee Member for EMS Dept. Retreat at the Forefront Center, Waltham, 2017 - Present
Committee Chair for EMS Dept. Social Committee, 2017 - Present
Committee Member for EMS Expos Writing Committee , 2017 - Present
Committee Member for ESOL Committee, 2017 - Present
Professor running EXP 202 course with 4th credit SL, 2017
Committee Member for ESOL Committee, International Graduate Collaborative Committee, EMS Dept meetings, EMS Dept. Social Chairperson, EXP Dept. meetings and workshops, 2020 - 2020
Co-Coordinated and MC'd a memorial service for Yvonnne Yaw. - 2011
Healing Circle for International Grads - 2011

University Service
Assist all Business Ethics international post doc researchers with their English skills for Business Ethics Dept
Coordinator of Int'l grad tutorials and workshops for Graduate international students
Professor running the EXP course the 4th credit is attached to during a semester. for Service Learning is offered in my EXP classes, 2020
2017 Bentley Research Colloquium, 2017 - Present
Special Institutional Assignment for Verizon Visiting Professorship in Business Ethics, 2017 - Present
Special Institutional Assignment for International Cultural & Language Services Committee, 2017 - Present
Committee Member for International Graduate Consortium Committee ( IGC ), 2017 - Present
Campus Connections, EXP, English Dept., Grad School International Grad School Committee, 2013 - Present
Program Organizer for Coordinator of International Graduate Tutorials, 2020 - 2020
Program Organizer for Advisor to International Graduate Teaching Assistants, 2019 - 2019
I am on the pre-arrival sub-team for International Student Support Committee, 2018 - 2018

Professional Service
Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer for Harvard Business Review's Advisory Council, 2012 - Present

Public Service
Ran the Dress for Success clothing donations program for Campus Connections for Dress for Success, 2012
Professor of EXP202 supervising my students' interactions with national and internantional non-profit organizations for EXP 202 class non-profit organization projects, 2009
Professor with EXP class 4th credit option for Service Learning 4th credit, 1995
Organized the bentley Waltham CRADLE TO CRAYONS drive for Campus Connections, 2004 - 2015