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Ken Mullane

Adjunct , Management
PhD Student
MA, Boston University, 2008
BA, Middlebury College, 2003

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Teaching Interests

Organizational Behavior

Research Interests

Teamwork, leadership, virtual teams, effort


Conference Presentations

Mullane, K. (2015). "Ethical climate and trust as determinants of virtual team member effort and performance." Presented at the Academy of Management's AOM's Professional Development Workshop on "Trust between Individuals and Organizations, Vancouver, Canada.

Blancero, D., Cotton-Nessler, N. C., Marron, G. F., Berdrow, I., Fukami, C., Junaid, N., Kellogg, D. M., Mullane, K., Nurick, A. J., Spelman, D. H., Stewart, M. M. (2015). "Playing in the Same Sandbox: Coordinated Teaching in a Required Undergraduate Management Course." Presented at the Management Faculty of Color Association Meeting, Bridgewater, MA.

Mullane, K. (2014). Presented at the Bentley University's Bentley Management Department Meeting, Waltham, MA.

Mullane, K. (2013). Presented at the Bentley University's Bentley's Research Showcase, Waltham, MA.