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Mingfei Li

Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Co-investigator, Senior Statistician, Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research (CHOIR) , Department of Veterans Affairs
Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2008
MS, Michigan State University, 2006
B.S., Jilin University, 2002
Office: Morison Hall 380 | 781.891._2933 |
| Department Fax: 781.891.2457

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Mingfei Li, PhD is a professor of Mathematical Sciences. She leads the Data Analytics Research Team at the Center for Analytics and Data Sciences (CADS-DART) of Bentley University. She was the founding program director of MS in Business Analytics at Bentley. As a productive researcher in applied statistics and data sciences, she has extensive collaborative research with other research institutions, such as Boston University. Harvard University, UMASS Lowell, etc. She is a co-investigator and senior statistician at the Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research (CHOIR), VA Bedford Health System, Department of Veterans Affairs. At CHOIR, She participates in multiple grant-supported research projects. She contributes to study design, leads the data analytics team, interprets data analysis results, helps to prepare and review grant proposals and manuscripts, etc. Her current research projects focus on mental disease (AD and MCI), COVID-related topics (AD/MCI, brain fog), the impact of FDA-approved medications on these diseases, health care services, health care policy, and clinical studies in mental disorders (Bipolar and PTSD).

Teaching Interests

Applied Statistics; Quantitative methods;<br>Applied Game Theory;<br>

Research Interests

Applied statistics, Applied Game Theory, Health Analytics,<br>Business Analysis, Applied mathematics, machine learning, and interdisciplinary research.

Consulting/Practice Interests

Statistical modeling;<br>Biostatistics;<br>Business Analytics;<br>Health related research

Awards and Honors

2020, Research Council Grant, Bentley Research Council
2018, Service Award, Bentley University
2015, Summer research grant, Bentley University
2011, Faculty Development Grant, Bentley University
2011, Summer research grant, Bentley University
2010, Dean's for international Travel Grant, Bentley University
2010, Summer Research Grant, Bentley University
2009, Summer Research Grant, Bentley University
2008, Summer support fellowship in Michigan State University
2003, Travel Award, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)


Journal Article(s)
Li, M., Wang, Y., Ndiwane , N., Orner , M. B., Palacios , N., Berlowitz , D., Kazis, L., Xia, W. (2021). Association of COVID-19 occurrence and severity with the use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or angiotensin-II receptor blockers in patients with hypertension. PLOS ONE (16(3)).

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Book Chapters
Li, M, Chircu, A. M, Li, G, Xia, L, Xu, J. (2017). Patient Satisfaction and Hospital Structure: How Are They Related?. In Chen, H., Zeng, D.D., Karahanna, E., Bardhan, I. (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) , Smart Health (pp. 15-25). Springer

Conference Paper(s)
Li, M., Predescu, M. (2011). A statistical approach to a dynamic flow model of labor market. , Joint Statistcal Meeting .

Dass, S, Li, M. (2008). A Bayesian analysis of hierarchical mistures with application to clustering fingerprints. Michigan State University(RM669)

Conference Presentations

Li, M., Zhuo, R., Wang, H. (2020). "A market analysis on current higher education in data analytics, business analytics and data science." Presented at the American Statistical Association's Joint Statistical Meeting, virtual.

Li, M. (2019). "Realtime detection from customer’s behavior sequence – explore a smart customer maintenance algorithm." Presented at the merican Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, nternational Biometric Society (ENAR and WNAR), Royal Statistical Society, International Statistical Institute, Statistical Society of Canada, etc's Joint Statistical Meeting, Denver, CO.

Li, M. (2019). "Statistics in Big Data and AI?-an exploration in Business"

Chen, R., Li, M. (2017). "What Factors Impact A Superstar's Performance in NBA." Presented at the New England Sports Statistics Symposium, Harvard University, Cambridge.

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Li, M., Chircu, A. M., Li, G., Xia, L., Xu, J. (2017). "Patient Satisfaction and Hospital Structure: How Are They Related?" Presented at the International Conference for Smart Health (ICSH), June 26-27, 2017, Hong Kong.

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Li, M., Chircu, A. M., Xia, L., Li, G., Xu, J. (2016). "Business Analytics Gaps Between Academia and Industry." Presented at the INFORM's 12th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on OPERATIONS RESEARCH, Havana, Cuba.

Li, M. (2015). "Implement Business Analytics in Education." Presented at the INFROMS's INFORMS National Annual meeting, Philadelphia.

Li, M., Chircu, A. M., Li, G., Shen, Y., Xia, L., Xu, J. (2015). "Final Report: Business Analytics Methods, Techniques and Applications Innovation - A Bentley Thought Leadership Network for Analytics Challenges." Presented at the Bentley University's 3rd Annual Research Showcase Poster Session, Waltham, MA.

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Kazis, L., Lee, A., Li, M., , e. (2012). "Predictors of Non-adherence to Bisphosphonates for Male Veterans with Osteoporosis and/or Osteoporotic Fracture: Importance of Mental Health Conditions." Presented at the ASBMR's Annual Meeitng of American society of Bone and Mineral Research, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

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Stone, E., Li, M., . (2003). "Identification of the Initial Concentration of DNA in Polymerase Chain Reaction." Presented at the GIMMC, Banff, Canada.

Tolmasky, C., Li, M., . (2003). "Correlation structures corresponding to forward rates." Presented at the IPSW, Calgary, Canada.


Department Service
Committee Member for Graduate Committee, 2012 - Present
Committee Member for Search committee, 2015 - 2016
Committee Member for Social Committee, 2012 - 2015
Committee Member for search committee, 2014 - 2015
Committee Member for Search Committee, 2011 - 2012

University Service
Committee Member for Bentley Research Council, 2020 - Present
University Senate for Faculty Senator at Large, 2022 - 2024
Committee Member for faculty Senate, 2021 - 2024
Committee Member for BT Academic Affairs Committee , 2019 - 2021
Student Organization Advisor for Bentley Analytics Society, 2014 - 2018
Program Director for MSBA program, 2013 - 2018
Session co-chair for Bentley Research Colloqium, 2016 - 2016
Committee Member for Nomination committee, 2009 - 2014
Committee Member for Faculty senate, 2011 - 2012

Professional Service
External reviewer for Bryant University and CUNY Queens College for External reviewer for promotion, 2020 - 2020
Conference/Workshop Organizer for Business Analytics Methods, Techniques and Applications Innovation A Bentley Thought Leadership Network for Analytics Challenges, 2015 - 2019
Conference/Workshop Session Chair for INFORMS national annual conference 2015, 2015 - 2015
Reviewer, Journal Article for Journal of Family Medicine, 2014 - 2014
Reviewer, Journal Article for CHANCE jorunal, 2014 - 2014
Reviewer, Conference Paper for the 48th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, 2014 - 2014
Reviewer, Journal Article for Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation , 2010 - 2010
Reviewer, Journal Article for Economics Bulletin, 2010 - 2010
Reviewer, Journal Article for China Economic Review, 2008 - 2009

Public Service
Committee Member for American Statistical Association Boston Chapter, Planning Committee, 2011 - Present
Chapter council representative for American Statistics Association Boston Chapter, 2015 - 2021
Program Organizer for Program committee for New England Statistics Symposium, 2013 - 2014
Other for Moody's Mega Math Challenge 2012 , sponsored by SIAM , 2012 - 2012
Other for Statistics Career Day, sponsored by the Boston Chapter of the American Statistical Association, 2012 - 2012