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Michael Johnson-Cramer

Professor, Management
Professor of Management, Bentley University
Doctor of Business Administration, Boston University, 2003
Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Solvay School of Economics and Management, 1995
Bachelor of Arts (AB), Harvard University, 1992
Office: Morison Hall 305 | 781.891._2921 |

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Michael Johnson-Cramer received his doctorate from Boston University, an MBA from Solvay Business School (Belgium), and his undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He previously served as Dean of Business at Bentley and, before that, as founding director/dean of Freeman College of Management at Bucknell University.

Teaching Interests

Michael has taught a range of courses in strategy, business & society, and global management.

Research Interests

Michael's research focuses on the causes of conflict between companies and their stakeholders. He has published work on how to cultivate stakeholder dialogue in global companies, the nature of managerial discretion in stakeholder relationships, and the processes of organizational decision-making. His work has appeared in Strategic Organization, Organization Studies, Business & Society, California Management Review, among others.


Journal Article(s)
Berman, S. L., Johnson-Cramer, M. (2019). Stakeholder theory: Seeing the field through the forest. Business & Society, 58 (7), 1358-1375.

Ray, D. E., Berman, S. L., Johnson-Cramer, M., Van Buren, H. J. (2014). Refining normative stakeholder theory: insights from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 11 (4), 331- 356.

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Book Chapters
Phillips, R. A, Berman, S. L, Elms, H, Johnson-Cramer, M. (2011). Stakeholder orientation, managerial discretion and nexus rents. Stakeholder Theory: Impact and Prospects (pp. 163--192). New York: . Edward Elgar

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Johnson-Cramer, M, Berman, S. L, Post, J. E. (2003). Re-examining the concept of ‘stakeholder management’. In Andrioff, J., Waddock, S., Rahman, S., & B. Husted (Eds.), Unfolding Stakeholder Thinking (pp. 145-161). London: . Greenleaf

Conference Proceeding(s)
Gond, J., Vigneau, L., Johnson-Cramer, M. (2018). How do measures become academically acceptable? A case study of the KLD database Academy of Management Proceedings, 2018.

Johnson-Cramer, M. (2007). Working together, bowling alone: The organizational roots of civic decline. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2007 (1), 1--6.

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Johnson-Cramer, M. (2004). Organization-level antecedents of stakeholder conflict.. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2004 (1), F1--F6.

Johnson-Cramer, M. (2003). Institutional Antecedents of Conflict Escalation in Firm-Stakeholder Relations. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2003 (1), D1--D6.

Johnson-Cramer, M. (2003). Organization-level antecedents of Stakeholder Conflict. Boston University


University Service
Task Force Member for Curriculum Review Task Force (5.0), 2021 - Present
Committee Member for Curriculum Policy Committee , 2019 - 2020
Committee Chair for Graduate Council, 2019 - 2020

Professional Service
Conference/Workshop Organizer for International Association of Business & Society, 2018 - 2020