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Louis J. Iandoli

Associate Professor Emeritus, Modern Languages
Ph.D., Yale University, 1981
M.Phil., Yale, 1973
B.S., Georgetown University, 1970
Office: Morison Hall 285 | 781.891._2195 |

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Teaching interests are in French and Italian language and culture, and crosscultural communication. Current projects include study abroad programs and research on French social changes after 1789.

Teaching Interests

French; Italian; Cross-Cultural Studies; Italian Cultural Studies

Research Interests

French Second Empire; Monuments Historiques Francais, preservation movement; Language Pedagogy; Restoration projects in France: The Tuileries Palace; French Second Empire Objets d'art

Awards and Honors

2007, Bentley Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award, 2007.
2007, Bentley Publication Award


Journal Article(s)
Iandoli, L. J. (2010). Le Patrimoine sacrifie: le palais des Tuileries. Cahiers du dix-neuvi�me si�cle, Montreal, Canada, 5, 215-229.

Iandoli, L. J. (2007). The Image of the Tuileries Palace in the French Press and Memoirs. 1871-1883. Journal of European Studies, 37, #2 (June, 2007), 139-157.

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Iandoli, L. J. (1996). Victor Hugo's Prophetic Voice in Torquemada, 1869. Studies in Themes and Motifs in Literature,and Motifs in Literature, Repression and Expression.

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Iandoli, L. J. (1990). CALL and the Profession: The Current State. French Review, 64.2 (December), 261-272.

Book Reviews
Iandoli, L. J. [Review of the book The Pride of Place: Local Memories and Political Culture in Nineteenth-Century France. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2003]. Nineteenth-Century French Studies. Forthcoming

Conference Presentations

Iandoli, L. J. (2010). "Panel Moderator." Presented at the Yale University's Nineteenth Century French Studies, 2010, New Haven.

Iandoli, L. J. (2008). "In Search of the Past: Will France Rebuild the Tuileries Palace." Presented at the Nineteenth Century French Studies, Nashville, Tenn.

Murphy, M., Iandoli, L. J. (2007). "Commentator: Commodity Aesthetics: The Industrial Expositions of Paris, 1834-1844, presented by Dr. Marguerite Murphy."

Iandoli, L. J. (2007). "The Popularization Objets d'Art in the Second Empire: Ferdinand Barbedienne (1810-1892). 2007."

Iandoli, L. J. (2007). "The Study, supported by Bentley College, of the project to reconstruct the Tuileries Palace. The 150th Anniversary of the Connection of the Tuileries Palace to the Louvre (1857-20)."

Iandoli, L. J. (2006). "Le Retentissement aux Etats-Unis du projet de reconstruction des Tuileries, (The Reaction in the United States to the Reconstruction of the Tuileries."

Iandoli, L. J. (2006). "The Industrialization and Popularization of Objets d'Art in the Second Empire."

Iandoli, L. J. (2005). "Colloquium: Le Palais des Tuileries : vu des Etats-Unis, un manque dans le patrimoine mondial. (The Tuileries Palace, seen from the United States, a loss of world cultural heritage.)."

Iandoli, L. J. (2005). "Panel leader: Ancients and Moderns: Representing national Identity."

Iandoli, L. J. (2005). "The Palace of the Tuileries and its Demolition: An analysis of the years 1870-1883. The Sacrifice of French Cultural Heritage."

Iandoli, L. J. (2004). "Lieux d'Oubli in Late Nineteenth-Century France, Panel Organiser."

Iandoli, L. J. (2004). "The Image of the Tuileries Palace in the French Press and Memoirs, 1870-1883."

Iandoli, L. J. (2003). "Of the Palace of the Tuileries and its Demolition."


Department Service
Committee Chair for Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committees Chair, 2015 - Present
Course evaluation, 2012
Committee Chair for Tenure Committee Chair, 2011 - Present

Professional Service
Committee Member for Corporation of the Worcester Art Museum - Present