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Nora Junaid

Adjunct Lecturer, Management
PhD Student
Masters in Business Administration, The Lebanese American University, 2010
Bachelor of Science, The Lebanese American University, 2007
Office: Adamian Academic Center 308 | 781.891._2112 |

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Nora is an adjunct instructor and a PhD candidate in Business at Bentley University. Her main research interests include organizational behavior topics dealing with computer usage at the workplace. She attained a BS in Management Information Systems and an MBA from the Lebanese American University, and also holds several certificates, namely: Microsoft Dynamics NAV trade & Dynamics CRM 3.0, ISO 9001: 2008 Series Foundation Training Course, Data Mining and Business Applications, and Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative - Social and Behavioral Research Investigators Curriculum.

Teaching Interests

Organizational Behavior, change, individual differences, integrating IT into the workplace, technology use.

Research Interests

My research interest lies in examining the use of computers from a psychological perspective, and exploring how it impacts individuals at the workplace. My research aims to address human interactions with computers, not computers per se. The computer is discussed only as a medium through which human behaviors are shaped and expressed. The primary message of my research involves information about human behavior.

Awards and Honors

2014, Best Paper Nomination, Eastern Academy of Management
2012, Teaching Resource Library Video Competition, Academy of Management
2008, Lebanese American University Distinction Award, The Lebanese American University
2007, Lebanese American University Honor Society, The Lebanese American University
2006, Lebanese American University Honor Society, The Lebanese American University


Journal Article(s)
Dagher , G. K., Chapa , O., Junaid, N. The Historical Evolution of Employee Engagement and Self-Efficacy Constructs: An Empirical Examination in a Non-Western Country. Journal of Management History, 21 (2), 232 - 256. Forthcoming (link)

Junaid, N., Leung, O., Buono, A. F. Institutionalization or Decoupling? An Exploratory Analysis of the UN Global Compact LEAD Initiative Business and Society Review. Forthcoming

Dagher, G., Junaid, N. (2010). Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement and Job Stress: An Empirical Investigation. . The Business Studies Journal.

Conference Presentations

Junaid, N. "Proactive Personality and New Technology Adoption: Framing, Emotion, and Feedback." Presented at the EMONET IX's Doctoral Student Consortium , Fox School of Business, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Leung, O., Larson, B., Maynard, T., Junaid, N. (2015). "Large-scale virtual team simulations: A road map for implementation." Presented at the AOM Conference (TLC Session); Vancouver, Canada..

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Junaid, N. (2014). "The Role of Proactive Personality, Framing, Emotions, and Feedback in New Technology Adoption." Presented at the Bentley University's Pre-proposal Presentation.

Junaid, N., Leung, O., Buono, A. F. (2014). "INSTITUTIONALIZATION or DECOUPLING?: An Exploratory Analysis of the UN Global Compact LEAD Initiative" Presented at the Eastern Academy of Management's Eastern Academy of Management, Newport, RI.

Dagher, G., Junaid, N. (2011). "The relation between self-efficacy and the three dimensions of employee engagement: an empirical investigation in a non-western country." Presented at the Decision Science Institute Conference.

Dagher, G., Junaid, N. (2011). "Employee engagement and Constructive Deviant Behavior at the workplace: an empirical investigation." Presented at the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management.

Dagher, G., Junaid, N. (2010). "Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement and Job Stress: An Empirical Investigation." Presented at the Allied Academies, Las Vegas, Nevada.