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Jane D Tchaicha

Associate Professor, Modern Languages
Modern Languages Chair
Ed.D., Harvard University, 1996
Ed.M., Harvard University, 1989
Office: Morison Hall 385 | 781.891._3158 |
Department Phone: 781.891._3158 | Department Fax: 781.891.3410

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An expert in L2 acquisition and computer-assisted instruction (CALL), she has designed French multimedia educational software and studied the impact of culture on the application of technologies in business. More recently, she has extended her focus to include an examination of issues of female empowerment and technology (ICTs) in Muslim communities in North Africa;; has chronicled the private lives of Muslim women via a photo-documentary and is presently collaborating with a Tunisiam colleague on a book about contemporary Tunisian women and the feminist movement from the second half of the twentieth century to present day. She has taught in France and Morocco and has been a Fulbright Senior Scholar and frequent presenter at Maghribi conferences.

Teaching Interests

French language and Francophone culture ; technology and the developing world; microcredit and North African women; women and Islam; technology, culture and business practices

Research Interests

Technology and second language acquisition; culture, technology and business practices; women and Islam: The Maghribi experience; information and communication technology and the developing world; microcredit in the Arab-Muslim world

Consulting/Practice Interests

Women and Islam The headscarf debate Tunisian women's rights

Professional Memberships

International Association for Middle East Studies
Modern Languages Association
WSIS-NGO sector
The French Cultural Center

Awards and Honors

2008, Fulbright Senior Scholar (Morocco)
2006, Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award, Bentley
2003, Gregory H. Adamian Award for Excellence in Teaching
2002, Northeast Decision Science Award for Innovation in Teaching (Best Paper)-(co-recipient Mark M. Davis)
2000, Davis Educational Foundation Scholar
1996, Bentley College Innovation in Teaching Award (co-recipient K. McKinney)
1995, Board Member, Harvard Educational Review 1993-95. Elected by the faculty of Harvard University, Graduate School of Education.


Journal Articles
Tchaicha, J. D., Arfaoui, K. (2014). Governance, Women, and the new Tunisia. Politics and Religion. Forthcoming

Tchaicha, J. D., Arfaoui, K. (2012). Tunisian Women in the Twenty-first century: Past achievements and Present Uncertainties in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution. Journal of North African Studies, 17 (2), 215-238. (link)

Tchaicha, J. D. (2009). ICTs as a (Re)source for socio-economic development: Case studies from Morocco. International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society, 5 (4), 156-174. (link)

Tchaicha, J. D. (2006). Empowering Technologies, Empowered Women, the Case of Morocco and Tunisia. International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, 1 (5), 15-26. (link)

Tchaicha, J. D. (2005). Technology in the Service of Maghribi Women. The Journal of North African Studies, 10 (2), 155-171.

Tchaicha, J. D., Davis, M. M. (2005). The Impact of Culture on Technology and Business: An interdisciplinary, experiential course paradigm. Journal of Management of Education, 29 (9), 738-757.

Tchaicha, J. D. (2003). Strategizing the Design and Implementation of a Language Center for the Twenty-first Century. International Association of Language Learning Technologies (IALLT), 35 (1).

Book Chapters
Tchaicha, J. D. (1999). Technology and the second language learner: How does it work best?. . Amsterdam, Netherlands: . Swets & Zeitlinger

Tchaicha, J. D, McKinney, K. (2006). Haiti: La Vie et La Culture 1.2. Bentley University (link)

Tchaicha, J. D. (2006). Les Femmes du Maroc 1.1. Bentley University (link)

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Kotchikian, A., Tchaicha, J. D., Krusell, S., . (2013). "An Overview of Syria's History." Presented at the Global Studies Department's Evaluating the current situation in Syria, Bentley Univerisity.

Tchaicha, J. D. (2013). "Women-focused NGOs in the new Tunisia: The voice of conscience for democratic governance." Presented at the Northeastern University's Gender of the State and Political Reform in the Middle East, Boston, MA.

Tchaicha, J. D., Arfaoui, K. (2013). "Women and Governance in the New Tunisia: Three years after the revolution." Presented at the Latin American Studies Association's Social Justice and Democracy, Washington, D.C..

Tchaicha, J. D. (2013). "Women actors in civil society in the post-revolutionary Tunisia:." Presented at the International Sociological Association's World Social Forum, Tunis, Tunisia.

Tchaicha, J. D. (2013). "Women's rights in post-revolutionary Tunisia under fire." Presented at the Uinversity of South Carolina, Rule of Law Center's Interagency Symposium on Justice Reform in Tunisia, Washington, D.C..

Tchaicha, J. D. (2012). "Governance, Women, and the New Tunisia." Presented at the International Sociological Association's 2nd International Forum of the Sociological Association, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tchaicha, J. D. (2012). "Microcredit working for women: The case of Morocco." Presented at the Bentley Microfinance Group's Bentley Microfinance Group, Bentley University.

Tchaicha, J. D. (2011). "Reflections on the recent Tunisian elections." Presented at the GLS 330 (Democratization), Bentley University.

Tchaicha, J. D., Arafoui, K. (2011). "Conflicting representations of the Tunisian woman in the 21st century and the potential impact of a new Islamic feminist movement." Presented at the European University, Robert Schuman Insitute's 12th Mediterranean Meeting, Montecatini Terme, Italy.

Tchaicha, J. D., Kotchikian, A., Krusell, S., . (2011). "Egypt, Tunisia, and the Future of Arab Democracy." Presented at the Valente Center for the Arts and Sciences's A Panel Discussion, Bentley University.

Tchaicha, J. D. (2009). "ICTs for socio-economic empowerment: Case Studies from Morocco."

Tchaicha, J. D. (2009). "ICTs for socioeconomic development: Case studies from Morocco."

Tchaicha, J. D. (2009). "Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Working for Women in Morocco." Presented at the Women and Leadership Institute's Round Table, Bentley University.

Tchaicha, J. D., Arfaoui, K., Grami, A., Chekir, H., Aouadi, F. (2008). "Tunisian women as pioneer feminists." Presented at the State Street Bank's State Street Bank's Annual Women's Day Celebration, Boston, Massachusetts.

Tchaicha, J. D. (2008). "Undoing the past, and Re-energizing the future of Language Studies in Business Education."

Tchaicha, J. D. (2007). "Re-thinking Globalization at the Local Level: Case Studies of Women and Technology."

Tchaicha, J. D., Davis, M. M. (2003). "The Impact of Culture and Technology on Business in Europe."

Tchaicha, J. D. (2001). "Virtual Communities for Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Are they doing the job?"

Tchaicha, J. D. (2000). "Project-based Virtual Environments: Global Learning in Real Time."

Tchaicha, J. D. (1998). "Gender and Islam: Across Time and Space." Presented at the Bentley University's Bentley Forum, Walthm, Massachusetts.

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Sous la Burqa (2012) - As a special translation project, two advanced French and I composed the English subtitles for the documentary now in distribution.
Niqab Hors-de-Loi (2012) - Together with two advanced Frencg students, we composed English subtitles for French documentary.
Behind the Wall (2004) - A photo documentary of the public and private lives of women in Morocco and Tunisia


Department Service
Committee Member for Tenure-track evaluation committee for Christian Rubio, 2012 - Present
Committee Member for Tenure-track committee for Jane Griffin, 2011 - Present

University Service
Committee Member for Academic Advising Advisory Board, 2013 - Present
Department Chair for Department of Modern Languages, 2013 - 2013
Department Chair for Modern Languages, 2009 - 2012
Committee Member for Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2009 - 2012
Executruve Board Member for Women and Leadership Institute, 2007 - 2011
Department Chair for Search Committee: Spanish tenure-track position, 2010 - 2011
Committee Member for Dual Degree Task Force, 2010 - 2010
Department Chair for Search committee: Spanish tenure track position, 2009 - 2010
Committee Member for Resource Task Force, 2009 - 2009
Department Chair for , 2006 - 2008

Public Service
Committee Member for La Quinzaine de la Francophonie, 2007 - Present