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Jane Deanne Griffin

Assistant Professor, Modern Languages
PhD, University of California, Irvine, 2009
MA, University of California, Irvine, 2005
BA, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2000
Office: Morison Hall 382 | 781.891._3187 |
Department Phone: 781.891._3187

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Professor Griffin teaches Spanish and Latin American literature. She is currently writing a book about the literary industry in post-dictatorial Chile. Professor Griffin has published articles on mass culture and non-commercial forms of literary publication in Latin America. She has also co-written two book-length literary translations. She was a 2006 American Association of University Women Fellow and a 2012-2013 Bentley University Valente Center Fellow.

Teaching Interests

Latin American literature and film; popular culture; minority literature; writing and composition; foreign language instruction; gender studies.

Research Interests

Material culture; minority and marginal cultural production; popular and mass culture; folk art and craft; gender studies; intellectual property and copyright laws; state and corporate sponsorship of the arts; translation studies.

Consulting/Practice Interests

Literary translation and Service Learning.

Professional Memberships

Cultural Studies Association
Latin American Studies Association
Modern Languages Association
Northeast Modern Language Association
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing

Awards and Honors

2012, Valente Center Fellow, Valente Center for the Arts and Sciences
2006, American Fellow, American Association of University Women


Journal Articles
Griffin, J. (2010). What is 'Popular' about Mass Culture?: Santiago en 100 Palabras and Chilean National Literature Brujula, 8. (link)

Book Chapters
Griffin, J. (2009). Animita Cartonera: The Body and Soul of Literary Production in Contemporary Chile. In Ksenija Bilbija; Paloma Celis Carbajal (Eds.), Akademia Cartonera: A Primer of Latin American Cartonera Publishers . Madison, WI: . Press/University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

Griffin, J. (2012). El lugar del otro/The Place of the Other. Asterion Ediciones

Griffin, J, Cardone, R, Barros, P. (2010). Los que sobran/Those Not Spared. Editorial Asterion

Johnson, A. M, Griffin, J. (2008). The Illegible Proclamation on the work of Capelan. The Ulla and Gregor Olsson Art Collection

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Griffin, J. (2013). "Queer in Translation: What the International Success of Pedro Lemebel Means For Chilean Cultural Democratization and Identity Politics." Presented at the New England Council of Latin American Studies's New England Council of Latin American Studies Annual Meeting, Wheaton College, Norton Massachusetts.

Griffin, J. (2013). "The New Cultural Institutionalization: Creating Cultural Policies in Neoliberal Chile." Presented at the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP)'s SHARP's First Regional Conference in Latin America: The Lettered City, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Griffin, J. (2013). "Fake Books: Digital Book Publishing In Post-Dictatorial Chile." Presented at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA)'s XXXI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association: Towards a New Social Contract? , Washington D.C..

Griffin, J. (2013). "“Libros de Mentira: Fake Books and the Future of Latin American Literary Publishing”." Presented at the Northeast Modern Language Association's Northeast Modern Language Association 44th Annual Convention, Boston, MA.

Griffin, J. (2013). "“Williams, the Production of Literature and Libros de Mentira”." Presented at the Northeast Modern Language Association's Northeast Modern Language Association 44th Annual Convention, Boston, MA.

Griffin, J. (2013). "El lugar del otro/The Place of the Other, Book Launch and Bilingual Reading." Presented at the Southern Connecticut State University's “Scherezade’s Sisters Were Writers: Chilean Feminist Activist and Short Story Writer, Pía Barros, Visits SCSU” , New Haven, CT.

Barros, P., Griffin, J. (2013). "Literature and Political Activism in Latin America: A Conversation with Pía Barros." Presented at the Bentley University (Dean of Arts and Sciences; Arts and Lectures Series/Bowles Performing Arts Series; Valente Center for the Arts and Sciences)'s Invited Guest Pía Barros visits Bentley University, Smith Hall.

Griffin, J. (2012). "Las Cartoneras: How One Argentine Press Sparked an International Book-Object Publishing Phenomenon." Presented at the University of Missouri, Columbus's Cultural Bricolage: Artists Books of Cuba's Ediciones Vigia, Columbus, MO.

Griffin, J. (2012). "Artesania:Women and the Material Culture of Arts and Crafts in Latin America." Presented at the Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven's 20th Annual Women's Studies Conference, "Women and Labor: At Home, At Work, and Around the Globe", New Haven, CT.

Griffin, J. (2012). "El género: New Materializations of Genre and Gender in Post-Dictatorial Argentine Film." Presented at the Cultural Studies Association's Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference, "Culture Matters", La Jolla, CA .

Griffin, J. (2012). "Underground Under Dictatorship: Feminism and the Illegal "Auto-Edicion"." Presented at the California State University, Long Beach's 47th Annual Comparative Literature Conference, "Drawing the Line(s): Censorship and Cultural Practices", Long Beach, CA.

Griffin, J. (2010). "Does Mainstreaming Mean Democratization?: Aminita Cartonera and the Politics of Post-Dictatorial Chilean Publishing" Presented at the Latin American Studies Association's Latin American Studies Association Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Griffin, J., Barros, P. (2010). Presented at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Indiana University's States of Exception: Crisis and Consumption in the Global Cultural Economy, Bloomington, IN.

Griffin, J. (2008). "Undermining the Market: Culture, the State, and Civil Society in Democratic Chile." Presented at the Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of British Columbia 's Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Annual Congress, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Griffin, J. (2008). "The Gendered Body of Books: Performing Feminine Sexuality Through Literary Production in Chile." Presented at the Association of Comparative Literature's Association of Comparative Literature Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA.

Griffin, J. (2006). "Reconstructing the City, the Nation, and Literary Cultures: A Look at the career of Pedro Lemebel." Presented at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional's Testimonial Texts, Stories, Lives and Memories, Mexico City, Mexico.

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

El lugar del otro/The Place of the Other: A Bilingual Book Launch and Reading of Award Winning Chilean Literature in Translation. (2013) - This book launch and reading was a major component of Pía Barros’s visit to Bentley in February, 2013. In 2010 Barros published her most recent short story collection, El lugar del otro, which received Chile’s esteemed Altazor Prize in 2011 (equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize in the US). In 2012, she released a bilingual second edition of the text, translated into English by Dr. Jane Griffin (Assistant Professor at Bentley University) and Dr. Resha Cardone (Assistant Professor of Spanish at Southern Connecticut State University). Dr. Cardone, also an expert in Chilean women’s literature, provided a scholarly introduction, situating both this book and Barros’s larger oeuvre into the greater context of Chilean literary history and women’s writing. After this scholarly introduction, Barros read sections of the book in Spanish and Dr. Cardone and Dr. Griffin read sections from their English translation. The event culminated with a small reception of light refreshments.


Department Service
Task Force Member for Spanish Studies Major Task Force, 2011 - Present

University Service
Committee Member for Faculty Evaluations and Procedures Committee, 2013 - Present
University Senate for Faculty Senate, 2011 - Present
Committee Member for Curriculum Implementation Committee, 2011 - 2013