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Ian Cross

Senior Lecturer, Marketing
Advisory Board Member, United States Postal Service
Board of Trustees Member, National Braille Press
MSc, University of London, 1988
BA Honors, University of Leeds, 1981
Office: Morison Hall 238 | 781.891._3188 |

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Ian is Senior Lecturer in Marketing and IDCC. He teaches, publishes and provides academic support and services for the university and student community as well as business and non-profits through Executive Education and Board positions

Teaching Interests

Digital marketing, D2C, B2C, B2B, marketing research, branding, social media, retail, luxury, sport, inter-cultural exchange and customer experience, professor of practice - applied marketing

Research Interests

Consumer attitudes and behavior<br>Digital Marketing<br>Business Competitiveness<br>Retail, Sport and Luxury<br>Direct mail and D2C marketing<br>Customer experience

Consulting/Practice Interests

Marketing strategy and research ; digital marketing; Marketing Technology, business advising, retail, direct mail and direct marketing, customer experience, workplace of the future, healthcare marketing (Covid)

Awards and Honors

2020, Bentley Innovation in Teaching Award, Bentley University


Journal Article(s)
Cross, I. R., Berger, P. D., Misal, P. (2017). On the Role of Printed Media on Choice of Tourist Destinations. European Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research (Vol 5, No. 2, April 2017), 14-23.

Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P., Berthon, J., Cross, I. R. (2013). Viral Irony: Using Irony to Spread the Questioning of Questionable Consumption. Journal of Public Affairs, 13 (2), 172-179.

Cross, I. R. (2012). Gurus and Oracles. Cambridge, MA: MIT.

Conference Proceeding(s)
Cross, I. R., Berthon, P., Pitt, L., , ., , . (2013). Annual Meeting. AMS, AMS 2013.

Cross, I. R. (2011). Luxury Marketing Perspectives. Academy of Marketing Science, World Marketing Congress.

Cross, I. R. (2011). Social Media and Gen Y (vol. Digital Marketing) Boston: MITX.

Conference Paper(s)
Cross, I. R. (2011). Social Media and Gen Y. MITX, Digital Marketing.

Cross, I. R. (2014). Millenials and WorkPlace Communication. Bentley

Conference Presentations

Cross, I. R. (2020). "Brexit and protest in the UK." Presented at the Bentley CISS's Global Protest Forum, Bentley.

Cross, I. R. (2020). "The Internet of Everything - the Dark Side." Presented at the University of Hawaii 's HICSS-53, Wailea, Maui.

Cross, I. R. (2019). "Marketing Surveillance." Presented at the NEDMA's NEDMA - Direct Marketing and Technology, Waltham.

Cross, I. R. (2019). "integrating Direct Mail into the Classroom." Presented at the USPS's Midwest Postal Consumer Council, Missouri.

Cross, I. R. (2019). "Customer Journey Planning." Presented at the Bentley's Bentley Exec Education Breakfast Series, Waltham.

Cross, I. R., Berthon, P. (2019). "IoT and Wearables - Marketing Implications." Presented at the Univ of Hawaii's HICSS, Wailea.

Cross, I. R. (2018). "Digital Marketing - Heaven or Hell." Presented at the New England Direct Marketing Association's 2018 Martech Conference, Boston.

Cross, I. R. (2018). "Teaching Students Digital and Direct Mail." Presented at the USPS's Postal Consumer Council, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri.

Cross, I. R. (2018). "Vale of Printed Brochures in Global Tourism Marketing." Presented at the IAPBD's IAPBD 2018 , Boston.

Cross, I., Berthon, P., . (2018). "Marketing Strategy Implications Of Employee Brand Engagement: Optimism And Commonality." Presented at the AMS's Academy of Marketing Science World Congress 2018, Porto.

Cross, I. R. (2018). "Integrating Digital and Direct Mail - a Teaching Perspective." Presented at the USPS's National Postal Forum, San Antonio.

Cross, I. R. (2018). "Marketing Transformation." Presented at the Bentley CMT's Marketing Transformers, Waltham.

Cross, I. R. (2017). "Marketing and Ethics." Presented at the Bentley University's 13th Annual Global Business Ethics Symposium, Bentley University.

Cross, I. R. (2017). "Using Apple tech in the Classroom." Presented at the Apple's Apple - Business School Summit, Cupertino.

Cross, I. R. (2016). "Bi Annual Conference." Presented at the IAPBD's IAPBD Conference, Orlando.

Cross, I. R., Nasr, N. I. (2016). "Market Research futures and Technology." Presented at the NEMRA's NEMRA 2016, boston.

Cross, I. R. (2015). "Technology Enabled Marketing." Presented at the Frost and Sullivan's Marketing World, Boston.

Cross, I. R. (2014). "Trends in Travel Marketing." Presented at the IAPBD's Travel Marketing Conference 2014, Denver.

Cross, I. R. (2013). "Digital Marketing Forum 2013." Presented at the Argylle Forum's Digital Engagement Conference, Harvard.

Cross, I. R., Berthon, P., Pitt, L. (2013). "Annual Meeting." Presented at the AMS's AMS 2013, Monterey, CA.

Cross, I. R. (2011). "Social Media and Gen Y." Presented at the MITX's Digital Marketing, Boston.

Cross, I. R. (2011). "Luxury Marketing Perspectives." Presented at the Academy of Marketing Science's World Marketing Congress, Reims, France.

Cross, I. R., Berthon, P., Wiggins, R. A. (2008). "Putting the 'Business' Back in B-School Education." Presented at the Academy of Marketing Science, Vancouver, Canada.

Berthon, P., Cross, I. R., Boshoff, C. (2008). "COO2: From Country of Origin to Caricature of Origin." Presented at the Corporate Identity Research Group 5th International Conference on Strategically Managing Corporate R, Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University.

Wiggins, R. A., Cross, I. R. (2005). "Implementing Integration in Field-Based Courses." Presented at the Management Education Alliance's 2005 MEA Faculty Workshop, Waltham, Massachusetts.

Wiggins, R. A., Cross, I. R. (2004). "Implementing Integration in Field-Based Project Courses." Presented at the AACSB's 2004 AACSB Conference, Dallas, Texas.


Department Service
Committee Member for Lecturer Hiring - Present
Course Coordinator for Bentley marketing dept, 2020 - Present
Principal Advisor to Tenure-Track Faculty for Marketing Dept, 2018 - Present
Mentor (Faculty) for first year Seminar, 2016 - Present
Committee Chair for CMT Board of Advisors, 2016 - Present
Committee Member for Corporate Immersion, 2013 - Present

University Service
advisor on study abroad for Education Abroad
Mentor (Faculty) for OAS - Present
Student Organization Advisor for Bentley Fashion Club Advisor, 2020 - Present
Committee Member for Racial Justice Task Force, 2020 - Present
Advised on appointment of VP of Corporate Relations for Bentley Office of the President, 2018
Administrative Assignment, Other for Student Health, 2016 - Present
Student Organization Advisor for BMA, 2016 - Present
Advisor for HR, 2019 - 2019
Interviewed Dean of Business Candidates for Bentley Office of the President, 2018 - 2018

Professional Service
Committee Member for USPS, 2017 - Present
Board of Directors of a Company for National Braille Press, 2016 - Present
Advisor for Invest in Others, 2015
Board of Trustees - Vice Chair for New England School of Acupuncture, 2013 - 2016
External Reviewer of Marketing Department for St. Leo University, 2015 - 2015

Public Service
Advisor for City Of Lawrence Business Task Force, 2015