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Helen Meldrum

Associate Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology
EDD, Clark University, 1990
MED, Harvard University, 1983
BS, Emerson College, 1982
Office: Morison Hall 277 | 781.891._3493 |

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Helen Meldrum has extensive experience as a teacher, lecturer, researcher, and consultant in areas of interpersonal and group dynamics in health care, customer service, psychology of adulthood, mental health services, communication skills, conflict management, presentation skills, and teaching skills. She is the author of three books focused on communications and organization in healthcare settings and healthcare professionals and her articles, interviews, editorials and reviews have appeared in publications as varied as USA Today, The Wall St. Journal, Patient Care, and The Journal of Therapeutic Communication.

Teaching Interests

Topics in Psychology; Social Psychology; Applied Psychology; Health Communication; Group Dynamics; Mental Health Care systems

Research Interests

Health Care Provider-Patient Communication; Provider-Provider Relationships; Dialogue on Emotionally Charged Topics; Conflict Management; Counseling Skills and Mental Health; The Teaching of Teaching Skills

Consulting/Practice Interests

Educational Programming for the Pharmaceutical Industry; Training Strategies in Health Care Organizations; Instructional Media for Medical Professionals

Professional Memberships

International Listening Association
National Communication Association
The Institute of Coaching
The Massachusetts Bay Organization Development Learning Group
The New England Society of Applied Psychology
The Theological Opportunities Program

Awards and Honors

2012, Researcher of the Year 2012, The International Listening Association
2011, Joseph M. Cronin Faculty Advisor of the Year, Bentley University
2010, Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award, Bentley University


Journal Articles
Young, A., Meldrum, H. Assessing Motivational Factors for Participation in Continuing Education in Pharmacy . The International Journal of Clinical Skills, 8 (2). Forthcoming

Meldrum, H. Listen Up: How to Communicate Effectively with Peers and Patients”. . Leaddoc: an online journal (ACPE), June, 2013.

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Book Chapters
Meldrum, H, Levin, B. (2007). "Mental Health Services" Aspen Press, 1997 Revised 2nd Editon, 2000 and 3rd Edition 2004, major revisons for Jones and Bartlett Press for 4th Edition. . Sudbury, MA: . Jones and Bartlett Press

Herrier, R, Gardner, M, Meldrum, H. (2006). Patient Communication in Clinical Pharmacy Practice. In Helms (Eds.), . Philadelphia: . Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins Press

Meldrum, H. (2003). Communicating with Coworkers. . n/a: . APhA Publications/online

Book Reviews
Meldrum, H. (2013). [Review of the book Well-being: Productivity and Happiness at Work]. The Journal of Public Mental Health.

Meldrum, H. (2013). [Review of the book The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind]. Listening Education.

Bodie, G, Meldrum, H. Listening in Healthcare Interactions. Sage Publications(Forthcoming) Forthcoming

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Hall, G. J., Meldrum, H. (2014). "Psychology Curricula:A Redesign to Support a Health Studies Major,." Presented at the Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA.

Meldrum, H. (2014). Presented at the ISIS- International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, Miami FL via online link.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "Conflicts with Colleagues." Presented at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University's Pharmaceutical Care Conference, Worcester, MA.

Doner, L., Davis, P. T., Lyons, R., Wilkinson, K., Foley, K., McGarry, M., Meldrum, H., Szymanski, D. W., Oches, E. A., Aviles, L. (2013). Climate change communication between TV broadcast meteorologists and their viewing audience. Presented at the Geological Society of America's Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "What Can Exemplary Physicians Teach Us?" Presented at the The 7th Annual Innovation Expedition in Healthcare's Shifting the Paradigm: Emerging Breakthroughs in Regional and Community-Centered Care , Cambridge, MA.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "Staying Engaged and Bouncing Back from Burn-Out." Presented at the Dartmouth University Health Services's Annual Conference, Hanover, NH.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "Emotionally Charged Communication with Patients." Presented at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Medical Ctr. and Pfizer, Inc's Education Update, Ny, NY.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "Dealing With Difficult Patients." Presented at the ACPE and the American Medical Student Association's Lecture, National Webinar.

Suchman, A., Meldrum, H. (2013). "Successful Failure: An adaptive approach to turning adversity into opportunity." Presented at the The American College of Physician Executives's Summer Institute, Denver, CO.

Davis, P. T., Oches, E. A., Szymanski, D. W., Meldrum, H., Doner, L., McGarry, M., Aviles, L., Miller, S. (2013). Climate change communication between TV broadcast meteorologists and their viewing audience. Presented at the American Geophysical Union's AGU Chapman Conference - Communicating Climate Science, Granby, CO.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "Talking About Poor Prognosis." Presented at the West Penn Allegheny Health System: Forbes Hospital's Annual Conference, Monroeville, PA.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "The New Rhetoric on Accountable Care Organizations:." Presented at the ECA's Eastern Communication Association Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Meldrum, H. (2013). "Combining Organizational Psychology and Research Methods in a Service-Learning Project." Presented at the EPA's Eastern Psychological Association Annual Conference, NY,NY..

Meldrum, H. (2013). "The Link Between Listening and Preventing Burnout." Presented at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, 's Annual Retreat, Worcester, MA.

Meldrum, H., O'Connor, K. (2013). "Communication 2.0." Presented at the The American College of Physician Executives's Winter Institute, Orlando, FL.

Meldrum, H. (2012). Presented at the The Medical Society of Delaware's Oncology Society, Wilmington DE.

Meldrum, H. (2012). "Medication Counseling." Presented at the MCPHS's Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston, Ma.

Nelinson PhD, D., Meldrum, H. (2012). "In Search of a Perfect Storm: Provider Self-Efficacy, Patient-Centered Care, and Continuing Medical Education." Presented at the WONCA's The World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of Physicians Annual Conference, Vienna, Austria.

Meldrum, H. (2012). "Panel Chair : Perspectives on Safety and Social Support." Presented at the ECA's Eastern Communication Association, Cambridge, MA.

Meldrum, H. (2012). Panel Chair:Continuity and Change in Organizational and Larger Societal. Presented at the ECA's Eastern Communication Association, Cambridge, MA.

Meldrum, H. (2012). "Communicating a Challenging Prognosis." Presented at the Oncology Nursing Association of PA's Annual Conference, Harrisburg PA.

Meldrum, H. (2011). ""Communication in Cancer Care"." Presented at the Penn. State's Patient Navigation in Cancer Care, Penn. State Pa..

Meldrum, H. (2011). "Communicating with the Underserved." Presented at the American Association of Osteopathic Internists-Annual Convention, San Antonio ,Tx..

Meldrum, H. (2011). "“Helping Students Make an Impact through Team Projects for an Outside Client”." Presented at the Annual Cassola Conference on Teaching Communication, Johnson and Wales University, RI.

Meldrum, H. (2011). "“The Listening Practices of Outstanding Physicians” (scholarly poster)." Presented at the The International Listening Association, 's Annual Convention-ILA, Johnson City, Tn..

Meldrum, H. (2007). ""Listening to Patient's Voices: When Women Try to Speak Up About Sensitive Issues" (peer juried)." Presented at the International Listening Association, Frankfurt, Germany.

Meldrum, H. (2007). ""The Medication Medium is The Message" (peer juried)." Presented at the National Communication Association, Chicago, IL.

Meldrum, H. (2006). "Communicating at End-of-Life."

Meldrum, H. (2006). "Conflict and Patient Care."

Meldrum, H. (2006). "Creating Listening Skills Training for Health Care Professionals."

Meldrum, H. (2006). "Teaching Intercultural Communication to Health Care Professionals."


Department Service
Course Coordinator for Health and Industry LSM - Present
Committee Chair for NAS Curriculum Committee - Present
Committee Chair for Health Psychology Faculty Search, 2013 - 2014
Mentor (Faculty) for Psychology Club - 2011

University Service
Committee Member for Institutional Review Board - Present
Committee Member for Salary and Benefits Comittee - Present
Task Force Member for Honors Program Review - 2012
Task Force Member for Senior Year Experience Committee - 2012

Professional Service
Health Care Interest Group for International Listening Association