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Golpira Eshghi

Associate Professor, Management
Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1984
Office: Adamian Academic Center 317 | 781.891._2181 |
Department Phone: 781.891._2112

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Prior to joining Bentley in 1987, Professor Eshghi taught at the University of Illinois and Illinois State University. She has also taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Bahrain, France, Iran and Russia. Her primary teaching interests are global strategy, cross cultural management, international business, management of multinational corporations, and doing business in emerging markets. She has also organized and led graduate study abroad programs in Japan and Eastern Europe. Professor Eshghi's research interests are emerging market multinationals and cross cultural diffrences in career opportunities for female professionals.

Teaching Interests

Global Strategy International Business

Research Interests

Comparative business practices


Journal Article(s)
Haim, C., Eshghi, G. S., Eshghi, A. Business Impact of the Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa: A Critical Review of Four Case Studies. Journal of Research in Business, Economics and Management (Forthcoming), 14 pages. Forthcoming (link)

Haim, C., Berger, P. D., Eshghi, G. S. (2018). The Minimalist Consumers of the Yutori/Satori Generation. International Journal of Business INsights and Transformation, 11 (1), 4-8.

Eshghi, G. S., Eshghi, A., Li, R. (2016). Corporate Income Tax as a Determinant of Foreign Direct Investment. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 4 (11), 111-123. (link)

Downes, M., Hemmasi, M., Eshghi, G. S. (2014). When Perceived Glass Ceiling Impacts Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intent: The Meditating Role of Distributive Justice. Journal of Diversity Management/Clute Institute, 9 (2), 1-16. (link)

Eshghi, G. S., Zacharakis, A. (1998). Nova Biomedical and the Iran Deal. Case Research Journal, 8 (3/4), 93-112.

Eshghi, G. S., Zacharakis, A. (1997). Government's Role in exporting by entrepreneurial organizations: An agency perspective. International Trade Journal.

Eshghi, G. S. (1992). Shoguns and Europe 1992: The Modern Version of the Battle of Waterloo. Business and the Contemporary World, 4 (3), 49-60.

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Negandhi, A. R., Eshghi, G. S., Yuen, E. C. (1985). The Management Practices of Japanese Subsidiaries Oversea. California Management Review, 27 (4), 93-105.

Eshghi, G. S, Sheth, J. N. (1990). Global Organizational Theory Perspectives. Cincinnati, Ohio: South Western Publishing Company.

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Eshghi, G. S, Sheth, J. N. (1989). Global strategic management perspectives. Cincinnati, Ohio: Southwester Publishing Company.

Conference Presentations

Berdrow, I., Deichmann, J. I., Eshghi, G. S. (2004). "Bentley, the Global Business University: The Realities and Benefits of a Globalized Curriculum."


Department Service
Committee Member for Strategy Search Group - Present
Committee Member for Management Department Ad-hoc Teaching Commit, 2011 - Present
Memebr of the strategy reaching group, 2014 - 2014
Committee Member for Strategy Search group, 2012 - 2012
Task Force Member for Assurance of Learning in GB 401 Task Force, 2011 - 2012
Coordinator, 2011 - 2011
Committee Member for Chair Search Committee, 2011 - 2011

University Service
Committee Chair for Curriculum Implementation Committee, 2011 - 2013
Committee Member for Study Abroad Proposal Review Committee, 2012 - 2012