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Joyce Wang

Assistant Professor, Marketing
PhD, Michigan State University, 2018
Office: Morison Hall 248 | 781.891._2712 |

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Joyce (Feng) Wang‘s research focuses on customer experience, eCommerce, customer valuation, and customer-centric product design. Her work has appeared in Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Logistics, and presented at numerous academic conferences. She has taught customer analytics (both undergraduate and graduate level), marketing research, quantitative business research methods, and marketing strategy.

Teaching Interests

Customer analytics, relationship marketing, marketing research, and marketing strategy

Research Interests

Customer experience & analytics, customer valuation, eCommerce, relationship marketing, and customer centric product design

Consulting/Practice Interests

Customer experience & analytics, eCommerce, loyalty program, and program design


Journal Article(s)
Wang, F. (2017). A Primer on Moderated Mediation Analysis: Exploring Logistics Involvement in New Product Development. Journal of Business Logistics.

Wang, F. (2016). Managing Market Intelligence: The Comparative Role of Absorptive Capacity and Market Orientation. Journal of Business Research.

Conference Presentations

Wang, F., . (2018). "Uncovering the Prominence of Imagery Experience on Purchase Decision and Customer-Brand Relationship Cultivation." Presented at the AMA Summer Conference, Boston.

Wang, F., Calantone, R., Rakthin, S. (2016). "Realizing Ambidextrous Innovation through Absorptive Capacity." Presented at the AMA Summer Educators’ Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.

Wang, F., Calantone, R. (2016). "Are Irrational Buyers all Sub-Optimal? Not When They are Self-Brand Connected" Presented at the AMA Winter Educators’ Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wang, F., . (2016). "How does Emotional WOM Influence Brand Performance: The Unparalleled Mechanisms of Brand Trust and Sentiment?" Presented at the Marketing Science Conference, Shanghai.

Wang, F., Calantone, R. (2015). "Managing the Interplay between Promotion and Product Portfolio." Presented at the Marketing Science Conference, Baltimore, Maryland.