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Edward A. Zlotkowski

Professor Emeritus, English and Media Studies
Ph.D., Yale University, 1978
Office: Adamian Academic Center 243 | 781.891._2592 |

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Founding director of Bentley Service-Learning Center. Teaching interests include English, German and Latin. Research interests include contemporary American poetry and German and English romanticism. Strong pedagogical and interdisciplinary interests. General editor of 21-volume series on service-learning in the academic disciplines. Author of numerous articles on service-learning and civic engagement.

Teaching Interests

Student academic and civic engagement Drama Public speaking

Research Interests

Student academic and civic engagement Higher education reform Discipline-specific dimensions of engaged work

Consulting/Practice Interests

Service-learning and civic engagement

Awards and Honors

Edward Zlotkowski Award for Alumni Civic Engagement, Bentley service-Learning Center
2010, Lifetime Achievement Award for Service Learning and Civic Engagement, International Conference on Service-Learning and Engaged Research
2010, Headley House Distinguished Visitor, Carleton College


Journal Article(s)
Szymanski, D. W., Hadlock, C. R., Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). Using Public Sector Research Projects to Engage Undergraduates. Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) Quarterly, 33 (2), 19-26. (link)

Zlotkowski, E. A, Saltmarsh, J. (2011). Higher Education and Democracy: Collected Essays on Service-learning and Civic Engagement. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.

Book Chapters
Zlotkowski, E. A. Academic and Civic Engagement.  (pp. 18). Bloomington, IN: . Indiana University Press

Zlotkowski, E. A, Benson, S, Horowitz, K. (2011). The Potential of Service-learning Student Leadership. In Nicholas Longo & Cynthia Gibson (Eds.),  (pp. 23). Hanover, NH: . Tufts University Press

Zlotkowski, E. A, Duffy, D. K. (2011). Two Decades of Community-Based Learning. In Marilla Svinicki & Catherine Wehlburg (Eds.),  (pp. 15). San Francisco: . Jossey-Bass

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2011). Civic Education on the Rocks?. In John Saltmarsh & Matthew Hartley (Eds.),  (pp. 29). Philadelphia, PA: . Temple University Press

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). The Case for Service-Learning . In McIlrath, Lorraine, MacLabhrainn, Iain (Eds.),  (pp. 37-52). England: . Ashgate

Conference Presentations

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). "Students as Colleagues." Presented at the International Asociation for Research on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement's IARSLCE Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD.

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). "Certification Workshop." Presented at the NY Campus Compact & St. John's University (NYC)'s New York Campus Compact-St. John's University Service-Learning Faculty Certification Workshop, Queens, NY.

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). "Service-learning in Thery and Practice." Presented at the Western New York State service-learning Coalition's Western New York State Service-learning Faculty Workshop, Niagara, NY.

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2012). "Service-learning and the First-Year Experience." Presented at the Montana ServiceLearning Coalition's Annual Montana Service-learning Conference, Billings, MT.

Zlotkowski, E. A., Olivas, A. (2011). "Tapping the Full Spectrum of Civic Engagement Strategies." Presented at the American Association of Colleges and Universities's Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility, Longbeach, CA.

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2011). "Service-Learning Course Design." Presented at the Western NY State S-L Consortium's Western New York State Service Learning Consortium Annual Faculty Training, Buffalo, NY.

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2010). "Students as Colleagues: New Research Directions." Presented at the International Conference on Service-learning and Civic Engagement's 10th International Research Conference on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, Indianapolis, IN.

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2010). "Service-Learning Course Creation." Presented at the Western New York State Service-learning Consortium's Western New York State Faculty Service-Learning Workshop, Buffalo.

Zlotkowski, E. A., Saltmarsh, J., Horowitz, K. (2010). "Students as Colleagues." Presented at the New England State Campus Compacts's New England Campus Compact Regional Conference, Burlington, VT.

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). "Keynote Presentation: Education, Globalization, and Democracy: Taylor vs. Dewey Dejà Vu."

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). "Keynote Presentation: Service-Learning in the United States: Addressing the Needs of a Society in Transition."

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). "Keynote Presentation: Students as Colleagues: Expanding the Circle of Service-Learning Leadership."

Zlotkowski, E. A. (2007). "Plenary Address: Academy-Community Partnerships for Teaching and Learning."


Department Service
Committee Chair for Literature and Film Committee - Present
Committee Member for Evaluation Committee, 1995 - Present

University Service
Director for Bentley Service-Learning Center, 2011 - 2013
Committee Member for Service-Learning Director Search Committee, 2012 - 2012

Professional Service
Reviewer, Journal Article for Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement - Present
Reviewer, Journal Article for Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning - Present
Reviewer, Book for Modern Language Association - Present
Reviewer, Journal Article for Prism: A Journal of Regional Engagement - Present
advisor on higher education initiatives for Youth Service America, 2010

Public Service
Literacy tutor for Power Program, 2008 - 2010