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Emmy Roth

Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Ph.D., Massachusetts Inst-Technology, 1981
Office: Morison Hall 388 | 781.891._2990 |
Department Phone: 781.891._2702

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Actuarial Progam Coordinator. Interested in the modeling and analysis of systems in the presence of uncertainty.

Teaching Interests

Mathematical modeling; Actuarial Science

Research Interests

Application and analysis of mathematical models

Awards and Honors

2014, Coralee Whitcomb Award for Promoting Academic Integrity, Bentley University
2014, Innovation in Teaching, Teaching and Scholarly Activities Committee - Bentley University
2011, Diane and Dusty Carter Award, Brookline High School
2005, Joseph M. Cronin Award for Excellence in Academic Advising, Bentley


Journal Article(s)
Escobar, M., Odoni, A. R., Roth, E. J. (2002). Approximate Solution for Multi-Server Queueing Systems with Erlangian Service Times. Computers & Operations Research, 29, 1353-1374.

Roth, E. J. (1994). The Relaxation Time Heuristic for the Initial Transient Problem in M/M/k Queueing Systems. The European Journal of Operational Research, 72, 376-386.

Roth, E. J., Josephy, N. H. (1993). A Relaxation Time Heuristic for Exponential-Erlang Queueing Systems. Computers & Operations Research, 20, 293-301.

Lee, I., Roth, E. J. (1993). A Heuristic for the Transient Expected Queue Length of Markovian Queueing Systems. Operations Research Letters, 14, 25-27.

Book Chapters
Roth, E. J, Belmonte, N, Komissarov, N. A. (2013). Broadening the Profession: New Skills in Actuarial Science. In Gordon Hardy and Daniel Everett (Eds.), Shaping the Future of Business Education: Relevance, Rigor, and Life Preparation . Palgrave Macmillan


Department Service
Actuarial Sciences Minor Coordinator - Present
Committee Chair for Curriculum Committee - Present
Committee Member for P&T Committee - Present
Actuarial Program Coordinator, 2011 - Present

University Service
Committee Member for Academic Performance Committee - Present
Committee Chair for Academic Standards Committee - Present
Committee Member for Communication Across the Curriculum Committee - Present
Committee Member for Faculty Advisory Board - Present
Committee Member for Level III Judicial Review Board - Present
Committee Member for Academic Integrity Council, 2015 - Present
Committee Member for Academic Integrity Advisory Council, 2010 - 2015
co-Chair for Fraternity & Sorority Life Review Task Force, 2013 - 2014
Committee Chair for Honors Program Review Task Force, 2011 - 2012