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Ekaterina I. Cleary

Adjunct Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences
Research Associate, Center for Integration of Science and Industry
Office: Jennison Hall 146 | 781.891._2795 |

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Journal Article(s)
Cleary, E., Cifuentes, M., Grinstein, G., Brugge, D., Shea, T. B. (2018). Association of Low-Level Ozone with Cognitive Decline in Older Adults.. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD, 61 (1), 67-78.

Cleary, E., Beierlein, J. M., Khanukja, N., McNamee, L. M., Ledley, F. D. (2018). Contribution of NIH funding to new drug approvals 2010-2016. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (115.10 ), 2329-2334. (link)

Cleary, E., Patton, A. P., Wu, H. C., Xie, A., Stubblefield, J., Mass, W., Grinstein, G., Koch-Weser, S., Brugge, D., Wong, C. (2017). Making Air Pollution Visible: A Tool for Promoting Environmental Health Literacy.. JMIR public health and surveillance, 3 (2), e16.

Maas, K., Galkina, E., Thornton, K., Penzias, A. S., Sakkas, D. (2016). No change in live birthweight of IVF singleton deliveries over an 18-year period despite significant clinical and laboratory changes.. Human reproduction (Oxford, England), 31 (9), 1987-96.

Galkina, E. I., Shin, A., Coser, K. R., Shioda, T., Kohane, I. S., Seong, I. S., Wheeler, V. C., Gusella, J. F., Macdonald, M. E., Lee, J. M. (2014). HD CAGnome: a search tool for huntingtin CAG repeat length-correlated genes.. PloS one, 9 (4), e95556.

Lee, J. M., Galkina, E. I., Levantovsky, R. M., Fossale, E., Anne Anderson, M., Gillis, T., Srinidhi Mysore, J., Coser, K. R., Shioda, T., Zhang, B., Furia, M. D., Derry, J., Kohane, I. S., Seong, I. S., Wheeler, V. C., Gusella, J. F., MacDonald, M. E. (2013). Dominant effects of the Huntington's disease HTT CAG repeat length are captured in gene-expression data sets by a continuous analysis mathematical modeling strategy.. Human molecular genetics, 22 (16), 3227-38.