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Chauncey E. Wilson

Adjunct Lecturer, Information Design and Corporate Communication
BA, University of Pittsburgh, 1972
Office: Smith Technology Center 121 | 781.891._3167 |

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Journal Article(s)
Wilson, C. E. Lessons learned: Looking at Both Sides. User Experience, 1 (2). Forthcoming

Wilson, C. E. (2004). What makes a good usability engineer? Cutter IT Journal, 17 (2), 35-41.

Wilson, C. E. (2002). Lessons Learned: Looking at Both Sides (Cover Article). User Experience, 1 (2).

Wilson, C. E., Coyne, K. (2001). The Whiteboard: Tracking Usability Issues: To Bug Or Not To Bug? ACM Interactions, 8 (3), 15-19.

Wilson, C. E. Handbook of Informal and Formal HCI Methods. San Francisco, CA: Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann.

Book Chapters
Wilson, C. E, Rosenbaum, S. Categories of ROI and Their Practical Implications. In Bias,Randolph, Mayhew,Deborah (Eds.), . San Francisco, CA: . ElsevierMorgan-Kaufmann

Wixon, D, Wilson, C. E. (1997). The Usability Engineering Framework for Product Design and Evaluation. In Helander, M. G, Landauer, T. K, Prabhu, P. V (Eds.),  (pp. 653-688). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: . North-Holland

Wilson, C. E, Loring, B, Conte, L, Stanley, K. (1994). Usability Engineering at Dun & Bradstreet Software. In Wicklund, M (Eds.),  (pp. 389-425). Boston, MA: . Academic Press

Greenberg, M. S, Wilson, C. E, Mill, M. K. (1982). An Experimental Approach to Victim Decision Making. In Konechni, V. J, Eddesen, E. B (Eds.), . San Francisco, CA: . W.H. Freeman

Conference Presentations

Howard, T., Quesenberry, W., Jarrett, C., Redish, J., Wilson, C. E. (2004). "Building an Online Community."

Wilson, C. E. (1996). "Applying Human Factors Principles to the Design of User Interfaces: Getting the Grit out of Your Windows." Presented at the Workshop presented at the IPCC, Saratoga Springs, NY.