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Cyrus Veeser

Professor, History
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1997
Office: Morison Hall 391 | 781.891._2827 |

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Ph.D. in history from Columbia; author of A World Safe for Capitalism (Columbia, 2002) and Great Leaps Forward (Pearson, 2010); former Fulbright, NEH, and Charles Warren Center fellow; currently associate with Weatherhead Initiative on Global History, Harvard University

Teaching Interests

History of capitalism; Caribbean and Latin American history; History of U.S. foreign relations

Research Interests

U.S. foreign economic policy in interwar period; Modernization in colonies and LDCs, 1870-1930; Caribbean and Latin American history, 1870-1945; forced labor and concessions as modernizing strategies

Awards and Honors

2003, National Endowment for the Humanities fellow; Charles Warren Center fellow, Harvard University
2000, Library research fellow, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University
1997, Bancroft dissertation prize, Columbia University
1993, Fulbright fellow, Dominican Republic


Journal Article(s)
Veeser, C. R. Discurso en la puesta en circulacion de La Soberania en Jaque. Clio: Organo de la Academia Dominicana de la Historia, TK (TK), 6 pp. . Forthcoming

Veeser, C. R. (2013). "A Forgotten Instrument of Global Capitalism? International Concessions, 1870-1930" International History Review, 35 (5), 1136-1155. (link)

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Veeser, C. R. (2002). A World Safe for Capitalism: Dollar Diplomacy and America's Rise to Global Power. New York, New York: Columbia University Press.

Edited Volumes
Veeser, C. R. (Ed.). (2015). El Epistolario de Ulises Heureaux.

Book Chapters
Bobea, L. J, Veeser, C. R. "A Very Well Established Culture": Cocaine Market Self-Regulation as Alternative Governance in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In Desmond Arias and Thomas Grisaffi (Eds.), The Moral Economy of the Cocaine Trade (pp. 25 pp. ). Durham, North Carolina: . Duke University Press

Veeser, C. R, Bobea, L. J. (2019). Guerrilla Movements in the Dominican Republic. In Dirk Kruijt, Eduardo Rey & Alberto Martin (Eds.), Latin American Guerrilla Movements: Origins, Evolution, Outcomes (pp. 20 pp.). New York, NY: . Routledge

Veeser, C. R. (2015). "El Protectorado de Estados Unidos". Historia del Pueblo Dominicano (pp. 30). Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: . Academia Dominicana de la Historia

Veeser, C. R. (2013). "The Platt Amendment and U.S. Occupation Policies in Latin America" . Routledge Handbook of U.S. Diplomatic and Military History, Volume II

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Veeser, C. R. (2003). Toward Dollar Diplomacy: The Gilded-Age Origins of the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. . Diplomatic History

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Veeser, C. R. (1994). War, Propaganda, and Civilized Values. In Elias, Robert, Turpin, Jennifer (Eds.), Rethinking Peace (pp. 42-48). Boulder, Colorado: . Lynne Rienner

Book Reviews
Veeser, C. R. (2020). [Review of the book Review of In Their Own Best Interest]. American Historical Review. (link) Forthcoming

Veeser, C. R. (2018). [Review of the book Review of Bankers and Empire: How Wall Street Colonized the Caribbean]. Business History Review. Forthcoming

Veeser, C. (2016). [Review of the book Review of Dollar Diplomacy by Force: Nation-Building and Resistance in the Dominican Republic]. H-Net Review [H-Diplo]. (link)

Veeser, C. R. (2013). [Review of the book The Maya in the Mall]. Business History Review.

Veeser, C. R. (2012). [Review of the book The Purposes of Paradise: U.S. Tourism and Empire in Cuba and Hawai’i ]. American Historical Review.

Veeser, C. R. (2006). [Review of the book History of Foreign Investment in the United States, 1914-1945 ]. American Historical Review.

Veeser, C. R. (2005). [Review of the book Race over Empire: Racism and U.S. Imperialism]. American Historical Review.

Veeser, C. R. (2005). [Review of the book British Merchants in Nineteenth-Century Brazil: Business, Culture and Identity in Bahia]. Business History Review.

Veeser, C. R. (2005). [Review of the book Power and Politics in Globalization: The Indispensable State]. Business and Society Review.

Veeser, C. R. (2004). [Review of the book Global Coffee Economy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, 1500-1989]. Business History Review.

Veeser, C. R. Un Mundo Seguro Para el Capitalismo. Academia Dominicana de la Historia Forthcoming

Conference Presentations

Veeser, C. R. (2021). "Between states and markets: “institutional capacity” and development in historical perspective." Presented at the World Economic History Congress, Paris, France.

Veeser, C. R. (2020). ""The Latin American Guerrilla: Origins, Evolution, and Legacy"." Presented at the Latin American Studies Association's Latin American Studies Association 2020 Conference, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Veeser, C. R. (2019). "The Mystery of Foquismo: Che Guevara’s Strategy of Guerrilla War and its Consequences." Presented at the Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies Program, Gettysburg College's Speakers Series, Gettysburg, PA.

Veeser, C. R. (2018). "La Soberania en Jaque." Presented at the Academia Dominicana de la Historia's Publication of book translation, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Veeser, C. R., Borgeld, H., Thompson, D. S., Twait, S. (2017). ""Alliance Management Learnings from Great Leaders"." Presented at the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals 's BioPharma Conference , Cambridge, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2017). "“Sovereign Debt and Sovereignty in the Dominican Republic, 1893- 1905”." Presented at the São Paulo School of Economics & Fundação Getúlio Vargas 's Politics and Sovereign Debt in Latin America in Historical Perspective Workshop , São Paulo.

Veeser, C. (2016). "MILITARY COUPS IN MIDDLE EAST, LATIN AMERICA AND BEYOND." Presented at the Harvard Law School's As Egypt Goes, So Goes the Middle East , Cambridge, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2015). "invited commentator on Kris Manjapra’s paper, Plantation Dispossessions: Tracing the Global Travels of Caribbeanity." Presented at the Harvard University 's Political Economy of Modern Capitalism Workshop, Cambridge, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2013). "Reciprocal Impact: Inter-American Capitalisms and U.S. Empire in the 20th Century." Presented at the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations's Annual meeting, Washington, D.C. .

Veeser, C. R. (2013). "Bricks and mortar, flesh and blood: Why real humans in real classrooms are still better than online colleges." Presented at the Department of History, Government & Economics, North Shore Community College's Annual Retreat, Danvers, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2013). "Capital Fight or Capital Fight? Protecting Foreign Investment in the Periphery in the First Age of Globalization" Presented at the Huntington Library's Capitalizing on Finance: New Directions in the History of Capitalism, San Marino, California.

Veeser, C. R. (2012). "“Universal rights at the hour of maximum empire”." Presented at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University's Working Group on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Cambridge, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2012). "“Universal rights at the hour of maximum empire”." Presented at the University of South Carolina Law School's Rudolph Barnes Symposium, Columbia, South Carolina.

Veeser, C. R. (2011). "“Using ‘Artifact Capsules’ in World History”." Presented at the New England World History Association Symposium 's Braided Narratives: Integrating Teaching and Research, Salem State College, Salem, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2011). "“Concessions, Sovereignty, and Modernization: State Power and Foreign Direct Investment in the First Age of Globalization”." Presented at the New School / University of Manchester's Power and the History of Capitalism, New York, NY.

Veeser, C. R. (2011). ""Homo Economicus in the Tropics"." Presented at the University of Vienna's Development Discourse in Africa, Vienna, Austria.

Veeser, C. R. (2008). "“Homo Economicus in the Tropics: Forced Labor as a Modernizing Strategy”." Presented at the British Academy's Commodities of Empire, London.

Veeser, C. R. (2006). "“A Forgotten Instrument of Global Capitalism? International Concessions, 1870-1930”" Presented at the Harvard Business School's Institutional Foundations of Capitalism Seminar, Cambridge, MA.

Goldman, M., Herzberg, B. I., Marquez, I., Veeser, C. R. (2003). "Liberal and Professional: The Experience of the Liberal Arts at Bentley College."

Veeser, C. R. (2003). Presented at the Harvard University's Charles Warren Center seminar, Cambridge, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2003). Presented at the Business History Conference, Lowell, MA.

Veeser, C. R. (2001). Presented at the LASA's Latin American Studies Association annual meeting, Washington, D.C. .

Veeser, C. R. (2000). Presented at the Mid-Atlantic Section's World History Association annual meeting, New Jersey.

Veeser, C. R. (1995). Presented at the SHAFR's Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations annual meeting, Annapolis, MD.

Veeser, C. R. (1995). Presented at the Gettysburg College's Latin American Studies Program seminar, Gettysburg, PA.


Department Service
Committee Chair for Department chair search committee, 2019 - 2019
Committee Chair for Department chair review and search committee, 2016 - 2016
Committee Member for European/Empire Search Committee, 2012 - 2013
Committee Chair for Chair Review and Search Committee, 2012 - 2012

University Service
Committee Chair for Curriculum Policy Committee, 2019 - 2022
FYS instructor for First Year Seminar, 2019 - 2019
Task Force Chair for Curriculum revision task force, 2018 - 2018
Committee Chair for Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force, 2018 - 2018
Committee Member for Research Council, 2014 - 2017
member, then co-chair for Signature Work Task Force, 2016 - 2017
classroom observation for Modern Languages - 2015
Student Organization Advisor for Bentley Social Responsibility, 2014 - 2015
Committee Member for Faculty Honor's Council, 2012 - 2015
Committee Member for Curriculum Policy Committee, 2010 - 2013
University Senate for University Senate, 2010 - 2011

Public Service
Board Member for Anti-Discrimination Center of New York, 2010 - Present