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Brian Fox

Assistant Professor, Management
Ph. D., University of Connecticut, 2017
B.S., Babson College, 2008
Office: Adamian Academic Center 313 | 781.891._2656 |

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Brian is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Bentley University. Brian's research examines competitive dynamics (how firms choose specific actions and respond to their rivals), industry evolution (how industries, and the firms that comprise them, change over time) and the performance implications of these forces. Brian's current work explores how top management teams in the 3D printing industry utilize prior experiences to enact complex and / or consistent patterns of competitive activity, and the implications of this competitive activity for firm performance in a dynamic and evolving industry. His primary research interests center around competitive strategy, firm performance, industry evolution, and the role of top management teams in shaping strategic choices. Methodologically, he is interested in the application of econometric techniques as well as the use of simulations and formal theoretical methods. His work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Management and Strategic Organization, among others. Prior to joining Bentley, Brian worked for several years as an economic/forensic consultant for Navigant, where he was involved in the investigation and resolution of numerous major commercial disputes with an aggregate value of over $2B, and well as assisting with organizational restructurings and development of risk management strategies.

Teaching Interests

Brian has taught several courses in entrepreneurship, strategy, and management consulting, and is interested in providing students with the frameworks and thinking tools to reason in a strategic manner.

Research Interests

Competitive Dynamics and Game Theory; Firm Performance; Industry Evolution; Behavioral Theory of the Firm

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Journal Article(s)
Simsek, Z., Heavey, C., Fox, B. C. (2018). Interfaces of strategic leaders: A conceptual framework, review, and research agenda. Journal of Management, 44 (1), 280-324.

Simsek, Z., Heavey, C., Fox, B. C. (2017). (Meta)-framing strategic entrepreneurship. Strategic Organization, 4.

Simsek, Z., Fox, B. C., Heavey, C. (2015). "What’s past is prologue”: A framework, review, and future directions for organizational research on imprinting. Journal of Management (41), 288-317.

Heavey, C., Simsek, Z., Fox, B. C. (2015). Managerial social networks and ambidexterity of SMEs: The moderating role of a proactive commitment to innovation.. Human Resource Management (54), 201-221.

Conference Presentations

Fox, B., Simsek, Z., Heavey, C. (2018). "Top management tenure and competitive repertoires across the 3D printing industry life cycle." Presented at the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Paris, France.

Fox, B., Simsek, Z., Souder, D. (2018). "Firm repertoires and performance: The influence of complementarity and competition." Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

Fox, B., Grove, S., Souder, D. (2018). "Searching for the best deal: Finding superior returns via coordinated action." Presented at the European Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Rijkjavik, Iceland.

Fox, B., Grove, S., Souder, D. (2017). "Coordination Equilibria: Formalizing a Path Forward for Value Creation." Presented at the Academy of Management's Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Fox, B., Heavey, C., Simsek, Z. (2017). "Interfaces of Strategic Leaders: Past, Present, and Future Research Agenda." Presented at the Academy of Management's Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.