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Asbed Kotchikian

Senior Lecturer, Global Studies
Ph.D., Boston University, 2006
MA, Boston University, 2000
BA, American Univ of Beirut, 1997
Office: Morison Hall 210 | 781.891._2661 |

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Teaching Interests

Comparative Politics/governments; International Relations today; Politics in the Middle East; Politics in former Soviet space

Research Interests

Civil society movements; Foreign policy of small countries; Diasporas in flux; Nationalism and national identity; Middle East and Former Soviet Union in transition

Consulting/Practice Interests

Political change in Eurasia; Socio-political developments in the Middle East; Civil society movements in developing democracies

Professional Memberships

American Political Science Association
Central Eurasian Studies Society

Awards and Honors

2009, Dean's International Travel Fund, Summer 2009, Bentley University
2009, FAC grant, Fall 2009, Bentley University
2009, FAC grant, Summer 2009, Bentley University


Journal Article(s)
Kotchikian, A. (2012). Is the Party Over? Limits and Opportunities of Civil Society in Armenia and Georgia Caucasus International (3).

Kotchikian, A., Smitherman, S. (2012). American Investments in Post-Mubarak Egypt. Turkish Policy Quarterly, 11 (2), 115-125.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). An Ambassador Who Never Was? Matthew Bryza, Azerbaijan & the Armenian Lobby Ararat Magazine. (link)

Kotchikian, A. (2010). Transparency Without Borders: WikiLeaks, Armenia and (c)Overt Diplomacy. Ararat Magazine. (link)

Kotchikian, A., Spice, S. (2009). Civil Society for Whom and for What? Armenian Review, 51 (1-4), 1-8.

Kotchikian, A. (2008). The Impo(r)tance of Public Opinion: Analysis of Public Surveys in Armenia. Armenian Journal of Public Policy, Special Issue.

Kotchikian, A. (2006). From Post-Soviet Studies to Armenianology. Demokratizatsiya, 14 (2), 1-9. (link)

Kotchikian, A. (2004). The Perceived Roles of Russia and Turkey in the Georgian Foreign Policy. Insight Turkey, 6 (2), 33-44. (link)

Kotchikian, A. (2003). Georgian-Armenian Relations: Between Old and New. Central Asia and the Caucasus (24), 129-136. (link)

Kotchikian, A. (2008). The Dialectics of Small States: Foreign Policy Making in Armenia and Georgia. Germany: VDM Verlag.

Book Chapters
Kotchikian, A. (2008). Armenia: Hostage to Geopolitics and History. In Krzysztof Iwanczuk, Tomasz Kapusniak (Eds.), The Caucasus Region in International Relations [Region Kaukazu w stosunkach międzynarodowych] (pp. 49-68). Lublin: . UMCS, wydawnictwo uniwesytetu marii curiesklodowskiej

Kotchikian, A. (2005). Secular Nationalism versus Political Islam in Azerbaijan. In Heffelfinger, Christopher (Eds.), Unmasking Terror (pp. 386-390). Washington, DC: . The Jamestown Foundation (link)

Book Reviews
Kotchikian, A. (2008). [Review of the book Armenian Identity in a Changing World]. International Journal of Middle East Studies.

Kotchikian, A. (2007). [Review of the book The Armenians: From Kings and Priests to Merchants and Commissars]. Nationalities Papers.

Conference Paper(s)
Kotchikian, A. (2010). A Tale of an Armenia(n) Foreign Ministry: Armenia-Diaspora Relations 1998-2008. University of Michigan, Dearborn, Armenia & its Diaspora: Institutional Linkages & Cross-Border Movements.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). Armenia’s vs. Armenian Revolutionary Federation: The ARF between a Movement & a Party. Armenian Research Institute at University of Southern California and Armenian Review, The ARF at 120: History in the Making.

Conference Presentations

Kotchikian, A. (2014). "100 Years Back to the Future: Armenians in the US Remembering the Centennial of Genocide." Presented at the Boğaziçi University-TÜSİAD 's 1915 Genocide: Politics & Memory , Istanbul, Turkey.

Kotchikian, A. (2014). "Armenians between Nation & State: A Perspective from Diaspora." Presented at the United Nations Development Programme's Occasioanl Series, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Kotchikian, A. (2014). "Georgian-Armenian Relations between Old and New." Presented at the Akanat Center's Contemproary Issues, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Kotchikian, A. (2014). "The Empire Strikes Back: Making Sense of Russia-Ukraine Conflict." Presented at the The Civic Series's Current Issue in World Politics, Cambdirge, MA.

Kotchikian, A. (2013). "The Unbearable Spring: Syria in Turmoil." Presented at the Nichols College's Special Lecture on Syria, Nichols College, Dudley, MA.

Kotchikian, A., Tchaicha, J. D., Krusell, S., . (2013). "An Overview of Syria's History." Presented at the Global Studies Department's Evaluating the current situation in Syria, Bentley Univerisity.

Kotchikian, A. (2013). "Political Development in a Post-Soviet Conflict Zone: The Case of Nagorno-Karabakh." Presented at the Institute for Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding's 6th International Summer Academy, Caux, Switzerland.

Kotchikian, A. (2013). "The history of Imperial Politics and the politics of Imperial History." Presented at the Tbilisi State University, University of Utah's The Caucasus At Imperial Twilight: Nationalism, Ethnicity, & Nation-Building (1870s-1920s), Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

Kotchikian, A. (2012). "The Tale of A City & Two Nations: Tbilisi, World War I and the Making of Independent Georgia and Armenia." Presented at the University of Utah and Sarajevo University's The Ottoman Empire and World War I, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Kotchikian, A. (2012). "(un)Solvable dilemmas in the South Caucuses." Presented at the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland and Center for Strategic Studies. Baku, Azerbaijan's Conflict, Resolution and Reconciliation in the Contemporary World, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Kotchikian, A. (2012). "Unbearable Freedom: Arab Spring & Changing Face of Middle East." Presented at the Florida State University's Special Lecture Series, Tallahassee, FL.

Kotchikian, A. (2011). "Arab Spring, Color revolutions and future of Civil Society." Presented at the Civil Society Insitute, Armenia's Arab Spring, Color revolutions and future of Civil Society, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Kotchikian, A. (2011). Presented at the Counterpart International, Armenia's Training on how to conduct policy research, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Kotchikian, A. (2011). "(In)Formal Structures in the Wider Black Sea Region." Presented at the International Black Sea University's Globalization and Security in Black Sea and Caspian Seas Region, Tbilisi and Batumi, Republic of Georgia.

Tchaicha, J. D., Kotchikian, A., Krusell, S., . (2011). "Egypt, Tunisia, and the Future of Arab Democracy." Presented at the Valente Center for the Arts and Sciences's A Panel Discussion, Bentley University.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "Armenia’s vs. Armenian Revolutionary Federation: The ARF between a Movement & a Party." Presented at the Armenian Research Institute at University of Southern California and Armenian Review's The ARF at 120: History in the Making, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "A Tale of an Armenia(n) Foreign Ministry: Armenia-Diaspora Relations 1998-2008." Presented at the University of Michigan, Dearborn's Armenia & its Diaspora: Institutional Linkages & Cross-Border Movements, University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "Culture and Identity: Looking at the Armenian Case." Presented at the Cleveland Cultural Garden 's Cleveland Cultural Garden , Cleveland, OH.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "No Exit: Armenia-Azerbaijan at an Impasse." Presented at the Center for Strategic and International Studies's Developing U.S. Strategy in the South Caucasus & Caspian Basin., Washington DC.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation." Presented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reconciliation Initiative's Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reconciliation Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "Armenian Prelacy in Aleppo and its Archives." Presented at the Clark University's The State of the Art of Armenian Genocide Research: Historiography, Sources, and Future Directions, Clark University.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "Armenia and its Diaspora: 20 Years Later." Presented at the Policy Forum Armenia's Annual Report Presentations, Cosmos Club.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "Iran: The Islamic Republic Challenged." Presented at the Louisville American Committee on Foreign Relations's Louisville American Committee on Foreign Relations, Louisville, KY.

Kotchikian, A. (2010). "Afghanistan: Getting it Right?" Presented at the Brandeis University's Afghanistan: After the “Necessary” War, Brandeis University.

Kotchikian, A. (2009). "Armenians between Normalization and Reconciliation."

Kotchikian, A. (2009). "Making Sense of Politics in Georgia."

Kotchikian, A. (2009). "No Exit in the South Caucasus? Dilemmas of Small (un)Recognized States"

Kotchikian, A. (2009). "Regional and Domestic (f)Actors in Turkey-Armenia Rapprochement."

Kotchikian, A. (2009). "The Civil Society Dimension of Armenian-American Community."

Kotchikian, A. (2009). "When Protocols?"


Department Service
Task Force Member for GLS Student Engagement, 2010 - Present
In charge of maintaining the deaprtmetnal FB, 2010 - 2014
Committee Member for Adjunct Instrcutor search committee, 2010 - 2010

University Service
Coordinator for LSM Global Perspectives, 2012
Student Organization Advisor for Bentley Democrats, 2011 - Present
Committee Member for International Film series committee, 2010 - Present
Departmental Representative for Bentley University Facuty Senate, 2011 - 2013
Committee Member for Teaching and Scholarly Activity Committee (TSAC), 2010 - 2011

Professional Service
Program Director for Armenian Higher Education Initiative, 2011
Board of Advisors of a Company for Journal of Conflict Transformation, 2010 - Present
Editor, Journal for Armenian Review, 2008 - Present