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Ian R. Cross

Senior Lecturer, Marketing
Business Projects Coordinator
Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, New England School of Acupuncture,
Director, CMT
BA Honors, University of Leeds, 1981
MBA, University of London, 1988
Office: Morison Hall 238 | 781.891._3188 |

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Teaching Interests

Internet marketing; marketing research; branding; social media; creating business value through consulting

Research Interests

Gen Y attitudes and behavior Social Media Business Competitiveness

Consulting/Practice Interests

Real World Marketing Projects; Internet marketing; High Technology Consulting

Professional Memberships

Mass USability Group
Marketing Executives Networking Group
American Marketing Association
Mass Interactive Technology Exchange


Journal Article(s)
Pehlivan, E., Berthon, P., Berthon, J., Cross, I. R. (2013). Viral Irony: Using Irony to Spread the Questioning of Questionable Consumption. Journal of Public Affairs, 13 (2), 172-179.

Cross, I. R. (2012). Gurus and Oracles. Cambridge, MA: MIT.

Conference Proceeding(s)
Cross, I. R., Berthon, P., Pitt, L., , ., , . (2013). Annual Meeting. AMS, AMS 2013.

Cross, I. R. (2011). Luxury Marketing Perspectives. Academy of Marketing Science, World Marketing Congress.

Cross, I. R. (2011). Social Media and Gen Y (vol. Digital Marketing) Boston: MITX.

Conference Paper(s)
Cross, I. R. (2011). Social Media and Gen Y. MITX, Digital Marketing.

Cross, I. R. (2014). Millenials and WorkPlace Communication. Bentley

Conference Presentations

Cross, I. R. (2014). "Trends in Travel Marketing." Presented at the IAPBD's Travel Marketing Conference 2014, Denver.

Cross, I. R. (2013). "Digital Marketing Forum 2013." Presented at the Argylle Forum's Digital Engagement Conference, Harvard.

Cross, I. R., Berthon, P., Pitt, L. (2013). "Annual Meeting." Presented at the AMS's AMS 2013, Monterey, CA.

Cross, I. R. (2011). "Social Media and Gen Y." Presented at the MITX's Digital Marketing, Boston.

Cross, I. R. (2011). "Luxury Marketing Perspectives." Presented at the Academy of Marketing Science's World Marketing Congress, Reims, France.

Cross, I. R., Berthon, P., Wiggins, R. A. (2008). "Putting the 'Business' Back in B-School Education." Presented at the Academy of Marketing Science, Vancouver, Canada.

Berthon, P., Cross, I. R., Boshoff, C. (2008). "COO2: From Country of Origin to Caricature of Origin." Presented at the Corporate Identity Research Group 5th International Conference on Strategically Managing Corporate R, Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University.

Wiggins, R. A., Cross, I. R. (2005). "Implementing Integration in Field-Based Courses." Presented at the Management Education Alliance's 2005 MEA Faculty Workshop, Waltham, Massachusetts.

Wiggins, R. A., Cross, I. R. (2004). "Implementing Integration in Field-Based Project Courses." Presented at the AACSB's 2004 AACSB Conference, Dallas, Texas.


Department Service
Committee Member for Lecturer Hiring - Present
Committee Member for Corporate Immersion, 2013 - Present

University Service
Student Organization Advisor for BMA - Present
advisor on study abroad for Education Abroad
Mentor (Faculty) for OAS - Present

Professional Service
Officer, Vice President for New England School of Acupuncture, 2013 - Present